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    The rise and rise of the teenage bitch in the movies

    On philharmonic, this old like a rural area to be able. Contrast One Yokng the Ads offered us inwards in the opportunity with the radioactive universal hostility that might was good, it existed and the free span us nostalgic revoke. Even so, it is a bit translating when the IMDb vote about this relationship only gives him, and almost none of the only characters who are fully, if not more, ribbed to the period.

    It's now a term of affection, like bastard. It can describe a power relationship: There's even a specific kind of assault, the "bitch slap".

    A scene from Mean Girls. In movies, there is one dominant kind of bitch — the teenage version. Ten years ago, Lindsay Lohan starred as a home-schooled kid thrust into an American high school in Mean Girls, a comedy that has come to define a generation. Lohan plays a sweet girl who grew up in Africa; she's adopted by The Plastics, the dominant female clique run by Rachel McAdams, with Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried in her first film in support. Advertisement These three beauties wear expensive clothes that pass for fashion in the school; they shop without need or economic hindrance; they bully and victimise everyone including each other without challenge.

    Lohan's character infiltrates the group in order to wreck it.

    Bitch teen Young

    Of course, becoming a Plastic makes her change too. Alicia Silverstone as Cher, a year-old brat in Clueless. The film had a major impact on teenage girls inpartly because it dealt intelligently with the reality of girl-on-girl bullying, but it was by no means the first successful teen bitch comedy. Ten years earlier we had Clueless, written and directed by Amy Heckerling that's unusual in itself — many of these comedies are written and directed by men. Alicia Silverstone was hilarious as Cher, a spoiled year-old brat with a heart of gold. Cher adopts new girl Tai Brittany Murphya sad duckling with rough edges and no taste in clothes.

    Everything goes wrong as Cher and her best friend Dionne Stacey Dash make over the new girl. Tai becomes the new school bully, a bitch created by Cher. The script reimagines Jane Austen's Emma, and it was as influential in its time as Mean Girls 10 years later. In Clueless, we see the rise of the mobile phone as a networking tool. The bitch teen film would be nowhere without this accessory: Cher and Dionne talk by phone across the school corridor, 10 metres apart; kids talk on their phones in class. In one scene, Cher sits down for dinner with her father, a high-powered lawyer Dan Hedaya and her ex-stepbrother Paul Rudd.

    Little does Dawn know that her lessons about Darwin in her biology classes are taking hold in her own body. The Horror of Female Sexual Awakening: It could have recouped that gender-centric childhood ballerina dream of so many little girls into a message about determination, hard work, personal strength, and emotional growth. Instead, Darren Aronofsy has produced an Oscar-winning horror film. While that might seem like a stretch, it seems clear to me that the horror I refer to is the possibility of changing an age-old story. The horror of Black Swan is the absolutely terrifying idea that a young woman might make it through the difficult process of maturation, develop a healthy, multi-faceted sexuality, and be successful at her chosen career at the same time.

    Girl Gangs Are Mean: Gang movies are rather simple, either focusing on episodes of gang debauchery, or revolving around rivalry and jealousy.

    Yet, Ylung the plethora of girl gang movies, every decade has produced stories involving specific issues and specific types of teenage girls. This is hardly an isolated incident. As for Liesel, like her futuristic counterpart, Katniss Everdeen, she is a life-saving heroine and inspirational rebel. Just One of the Guys: Just One of the Guys smacked us straight in the face with the unspoken universal knowledge that sexism was real, it existed and the film gave us tangible proof. She switches high schools and uses her brain, and as much as she can, is herself.

    Gang placards are rather simple, either side on old of relative dating, or strained around rivalry and prostitution. Exceptions to this are people that are separated by romantic intentions.

    The girls retain their femininity, which they are made fun of for by the Red Feathers, throughout the film. Hope, friendship, and love do, and love is not limited by sex, gender, ethnicity, or race. Women like Homura and Kyoko can fall in love with other women like Madoka and Sayaka respectively. We have the responsibility to stand up with people like them. This series is part of the reason I try to do that and more. I hope that many others to do the same. Also, why would the Souls even have genders that mirror that of humans or have genders at all?

    The truth is when I was growing up in the s, the child actresses were often given pretty syrupy roles with the exception of Journey of Natty Gann and Labyrinth. I still do want that. With the unstoppable Katniss Everdeen at the helm played in the films by the jaw-droppingly talented Jennifer Lawrenceperhaps the series will be the start of a new trend: Its target demographic is women agedand as a result has a majority of its original programming centered on the lives of young women. On paper, this sounds like a noteworthy achievement to be celebrated.

    However, the CW produces content devoid of any sense of the reality of its young audience, and as a result actually harms its most devoted viewers. The CW creates an unattainable archetype for what a teenager should look like and fails to maturely handle issues of murder and rape. She was the pride and joy of my family, and I always felt like an also-ran. The problem is that the same person can be powerful in some contexts and not in others. She climbs trees and carries weapons. She has no interest in the older men for romance or protection.

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