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    After doan to pre-recorded basslines performed by Xex, Twiggy responded by indicating he would be unable to "play them any better, and that the record sounded great [as it was]", according to Manson. A world of uncertainty, with endless possibility sitting alongside ever-growing restriction, reality TV becoming reality And isn't that what we're all worried about right now—that we're either invisible, or nearly dead? It's got a chip on its shoulder. Bates said that songs would be created "out of a conversation, essentially, just between [Manson] and I, and we make it pretty much on the spot.

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    It's me making music right from my head, and the lyrics sixe developed by Manson right there in the studio with me. We sit across from each other, with headphones on, we look each other in the eye when we're writing. It's more immediate than The Upp Emperor, much more aggressive, and definitely much more imbued with Manson's fucked-up humor. Terrorism, mass shootings, reluctance to change, abandonment, dogma, apathy, judgment—all of this is pervasive in shaping our daily life's experience. Heaven Upside Down is comprised of the music we love: For me, this would be Pilgrim's Progress ". I had the lyrics written for the song 'Heaven Upside Down', and I thought that defined the record more so because of the idea of time as a flat circleconstellations being defined by the negative space —the blackness; the idea of looking at something from an opposite point of view.

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