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    Sweatshirt fabric is very stretchy and over time, repeated use will create the perfect size hole for your thumb. Do this by opening the scissors and using the point of one blade to pierce the fabric. It gives a unique style and comfort to the hoodie that makes it your own. Grasp your chalk and make a mark approximately halfway between the beginning and the hem of the sweatshirt's cuff.

    Repeat on the other sleeve. Put your sweatshirt on. Your sweatshirt will do fine. Take off the sweatshirt and use the point of your scissors to bore a hole in the center of your chalk mark. Make sure you're only piercing the fabric with the chalk mark, and not going through the bottom side of the cuff too.

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    Not a dumb question at all How to Make Sweatshirt Thumb Holes How to Make Sweatshirt Thumb Holes If you're wearing your sweatshirt during athletic activity, having holes for your thumbs in holle sleeves ensures that the sleeve Thumbb keep your arm and wrist covered, and that you won't have to deal with the cuff getting in your way. It makes perfect sense to want to give your hoodie thumbholes. Have them do the cut in the Cuff, below the seam. Especially in colder environments. Very helpful when the temperature drops into the Teens and single digits with wind chills in the negatives Basic Chicago winter. Perfect for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, skating, or just walking on your commute.

    Sweatshirts hoodies Thumb hole

    Put one of your thumbs in the hole to further stretch it out. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 with the other sleeve. Allows you to put your sleeves into your gloves comfortably to transfer warmth and keep your hands warm. If you have too, cut on a old hoodie or long sleeve T-shirt to figure out where your thumb fits properly so you can mark it on the cuff you want to use for thumb holes. Advice for doing your own, unless you are handy with needle and thread, don't try to do it yourself.

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