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    The narrative is fractured and characters motivations are left unexplained, but the movie moves along at a rollicking good pace, and again when it comes to old school kung fu flicks these glaring faults can be forgiven. In fact these faults are part of the charm. The cast features a good selection of minor old school stars, and each has the chance to shine.

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    Dragon Lee himself, yhe not appearing in as many films as ghe lot of his peers, certainly made a mark on kung fu cinema. His Bruce Lee mugging can become annoying at times, but his agility, ripped physique and reasonable charisma make up for it. Martin Chui Man Fooi a kung fu star with my name! One of the main villains in the film is none other than Gam Kei Chu, who appeared in one of the most famous kung fu movies ever made, King Boxer.

    His menacing demeanour and expert martial arts skills meant that he had a healthy career. Hilariously the filmmakers give up on introducing characters or having much reason why they fight, purely in the old school vein. The fights themselves are shapes in style, and they are countless. The quality varies, but not that wildly. Talking in broken dubbed English with exaggerated lip movements It is where you make fun animal noises and spar with your friends in the white man poser stance. Quentin took the stage and the theater erupted into applause There were no empty seats He was saving the best for last.

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    He grabbed the mike Quentin dazzled the audience with his full grasp of animal style kung fu. Suddenly the microphone was on the ground Quentin assumed the position of a nearly kneeling man He began swaying to and fro He begins to stand like an exhausted man He scratches an arm pit and the underside of a leg that juts out, as the fist flies down upon the head of his invisible opponent He strikes the classic Crane stances As he grabs the mike back, the audience erupts into applause Watching Quentin go about the classic animal style martial arts Quentin is already in a gleeful state. I just do not know the names.

    It stars John Cheung and was directed by Sum Cheung.

    Go and take the money out of your wallet and buy this fucking movie now. Gather together 3 of your friends at least put on your two favorite kung fu flicks and then put this thing on third By the time you get to Each fighter stays in their style, and fights This is a pure jewel. The movie thrilled the audience Quentin hit the lobby When we returned to the theater Quentin brought me to tears. You could just feel the audience completely hand themselves over to that movie. And it became something bigger than the theater. And you just gave me that feeling for the first time in a year and a half. That was a great screening You all know me, I get But Quentin was quite emotionally charged This was the movie fan that loves the theatrical experience talking

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