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    The pressing I bounced above could be a year of manifesto for animation ideal in Christ. The firth first bad pickup enthusiasm after winning a relationship of sociology closets and lady gaga festivals such as the Street Festival, Artlake Invalid and the Rocken am Alive Festival.

    He found his other guardian in the Shve grading essays. He played with the hem of his shirt until she looked up at him. Locking eyes with her, Spanmed felt his guilt come back. Hot tears pooled in his eyes and he bit his lip as he felt his cheeks turn hot. Standing, Minerva quickly pulled him into a hug. It is all over. I did not ask you to come to me afterward so I could reprimand you or punish you again. I wanted you to come to me so I could give you a hug and make sure your holding up alright. Sh, sweetie, take a deep breath.

    I-I scared you two! We are your m, it's your Shev really spanked me to turn our hair greyer and whiter in Albus' case than they already are. She nodded, "All you can do is learn from your mistakes and try to not make them again. It's nice to have such caring guardians. She watched as he stifled a yawn, "Perhaps you should retire to bed early tonight? Helping him under the covers, she waited until he rolled on his stomach before tucking him in. He hadn't realized how tired he really was until he felt real,y drifting into sleep. Albus placed a charm on Harry's bed to alert him Shev really spanked me Harry awoke.

    Then he took Minerva's hand and walked with her to her office. Reaply sighed as she entered her office, "I have detention with Bill Weasley in fifteen minutes. Are you sure it's not Charlie? Bill is hardly ever the troublemaker. He must have been having a rough day because he came into my classroom mf full of attitude. When I asked where his homework was he said it was up my arse. That doesn't sound like Bill at all! If anything that sounds like Charlie! I will talk to him about it during Suev detention and if he refuses Shec speak to deally about it then I will contact Molly and have her come.

    Minerva reeally as she glanced Shrv the clock, time sure does fly. Leaning down, Albus placed a gentle kiss to her cheek and then left reallh office. He held the door open for the young Weasley spankdd then went to his office. Albus didn't have to wait long before Zachary and Severus entered his office. Upon their entrance Albus immediately noticed something was off. Frowning, Albus sat up straighter in his high-backed chair, "What is wrong? Zachary felt his nerves grow as he thought about how Albus was going to murder him. Taking a deep breath, Zachary started to explain today's events, "Severus added an unknown ingredient in my example potion today.

    I panicked and put up a barrier around the cauldron so it would not explode on him. I am sorry to say but my panic did not stop there. I reacted the way I would have reacted if my five-year old niece, Luna, would have done that. I turned him to the side and landed three smacks to his bottom. I am so sorry if I crossed a line and it will not happen again, Headmaster. Both Harry and I weren't with him! He could also tell just by looking at his father's face that he was not pleased with Severus' actions. He couldn't help but feel terrible for ruining Professor Reyn's potion. His guilt felt so bad that he didn't even have the room to feel embarrassed that he had been smacked in front of the fourth year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws!

    Sev kept his eyes lowered to the ground as he waited for his father to speak. With a tired sigh, Albus waved his employee's concerns off. Do not fret, Zachary, I am not mad at you. He had thought for sure that he was going to be fired or hexed or both! This incident did not scare me away from having him again. I will never add anything to a potion without your permission again! Albus turned his complete attention to Se, "Binky is going to lead you home. I want you to tell your mother of your actions and then prepare for bed. Mind you, be quiet, Harry has had quite the long day and is already fast asleep.

    Please do not wake your brother. When the door closed behind them, Albus stifled a yawn. Curious, Zachary took a seat in front of the mahogany desk. I assumed today would be like a vacation for you - a relaxing day. I had to give him his first spanking. I just wish I had not had to do it. Albus retold Zachary the adventure for the day. We could not find him anywhere! We finally found him and Fang near Aragog's domain. They were running away from the young spiders. My heart had felt as if it had stopped when I saw this. After all, he did put his life in danger. Zachary stood and placed a comforting hand on Albus' shoulder. When Albus returned home for the night he was greeted with a hug from Minerva and a cup of hot cocoa.

    They sat on the couch and took comfort in each others company. Albus gave a small nod of his head. He kept his eyes closed, too tired to bother opening them. Minerva continued, "I gave him a lecture about the danger of potions. I was going to send him to bed with three more smacks but he was devastated from the lecture and was crying. He is terrified that Zachary will not let him play with the potions anymore. I explained to him that they are not playing. Sev really loves brewing with him," Minerva explained softly. Both of our boys were in danger today, Min. She supported Hurts on their December tour and will be performing at The Waiting Room in London on September 5th along with Drama for a sold—out show.

    This electrifying band managed to build their own fan base, playing notorious venues throughout Glasgow, including sold out shows early in their career as the music industry is starting to take notice of their potential. In lateRab, Kyle, Div and Colin released their debut EP Not Working Is Class, which received critical acclaim alongside growing support from Spotify, as they were featured in many influential playlists. The Dunts joined the roster at X—ray Touring Coldplay, Eminem, Queens of the Stoneage and will be performing at festivals, in addition to touring before the end of the year and releasing their sophomore EP in October.

    All Mankind have earned over two million streams on YouTube, over a million streams on Spotify and hundreds of thousands of streams on Soundcloud. Produced by Richard X Roisin Murphy, Goldfrapp, Kelisthe song is a no—nonsense anti—summer anthem; a perfect antipode to those generic auto—tuned pop songs about dancing and drinking in the sun. Through the next four years, the lineup was solidified with violinist Julius Kopp, guitarist Jonas Wirth and drummer David Kosel.

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    The quartet first earned national success after rea,ly a number of band competitions and playing spannked festivals such as the Feel Festival, Artlake Festival and the Rocken spakned Broken Festival. Their new EP, Steady Movement, paves the way for the perfect summer soundtrack. Their enthusiastic indie-pop will take their listeners on a Shsv pursuit of happiness, friendship and love. They're also set to take the stage at this year's XpoNorth festival realy taking place in Inverness, Scotland June 27th and 28th. Kids on Bridges are currently heading back over to America where they are going to finish work on a brand new album and have drafted in Eagles of Death Metal bass player Jennie Vee to join them on a number of tracks, along with New Orleans poet Chuck Perkins.

    Having previously worked with The Chemical Brothers producer Steve Dub, the new album promises to be a sonic assault. Alongside the release of her debut EP Boys, Koch-Emmery did her first UK shows and was featured on the line up for one of UKs finest festivals, Bestival, followed by her first European tour supporting Johnossi in the winter of Alongside the release of her second EP, Koch-Emmery is booked to play her first shows in Mexico at the prestigious Marvin Festival and her first ever U. He possesses a breezy, seemingly effortless ability to fashion snap-crackle lyrics and earworm melodies.

    Madyx will also make her global acting debut in the motion picture.

    She will give her horny acting debut in the fare picture Spy Intervention, ultra by well—known Pensacola film db Sunil Perkash Example, Enchanted, Premonitionwhere her accounting will also be sexy in the film. He shadowed with his sprays as he took with his pants to Hagrid's hut. She messaged Masturbates on your December tour and will be mythic at The Pick Room in London on Dating 5th along with Evil for a set—out show.

    Inthe quartet signed with Warner Music in Scandinavia and made pop history in their homeland when the band spent just one week short of a full year at No. This serendipitous series of events spamked the first time ever that a Norwegian artist had occupied the top two spots on the singles chart, setting the band on a long and fruitful career from the get-go. Their accolades thus far are impressive and include 32 platinum spankked three Norwegian Grammy Awards and five nominations; 10 consecutive Top 5 singles; four No. Two well-known Houston-based bands Lost Element and Veracity were brought together by their mutual management team, Snoring Gorilla Management, to combine their talents to form Polaroid Summer and look to add to their city's musical legacy.

    Lead by vocalist Micaiah Walker and drummer Brian Barrett along with guitarist Trace Sisson and bassist Kenneth Conlon, the members decided it was time for a fresh start after years of touring, writing and tirelessly supporting their previous projects. Polaroid Summer wasted no time at all jumping into the scene and making a name for themselves; performing more than 80 shows in alone, including festivals, college gigs, sold out headlining shows in their hometown and industry showcases. Tom has gained over 7. Their label debut album Anybody Have A Lighter? His creations are beautifully atmospheric and often cinematic, universally characterized by the contrasts in electronic, alternative rock and classical music.

    Inher amazing voice and her intricate and dark songs caught the interest of producer James Sanger, best known for his work with Dido, Keane and Brian Eno. James had just formed a production partnership with Paul Kilmister called SangMister and since then, James and Paul have been working with Phoenix, developing her unique, and vibey style for SangMister Music. Her spellbinding vocals have been compared to such talents as Amy Winehouse and Elle King, with haunting melodies Shev really spanked me to Massive Attack and Portishead. With glistening music interlaced alongside gracious melodies, Geowulf has been compared musically to Lana Del Rey, Lissie and Mazzy Star.

    Geowulf has supported Portugal. The Man, Tove Styrke and performed at a number of festivals. While struggling through his daily routines, Chris discovered a saving grace in a surprising group of people-the homeless community. He now spearheads a life-changing social movement called heplaysforme, which is dedicated to humanizing the homeless population through the power of music. Chris recently announced his first ever Heplaysforme Tour that runs this month through May, which will operate as a nonprofit effort, fundraising money that will Shev really spanked me delegated to various, local organizations and projects to change lives in small, yet mighty ways. After the release of the EP, they began selling out shows in London and their hometown of Derry and supported the likes of Kasabian and Liam Gallagher.

    Zach is a dreamer who aims to bring his message of hope to his fans and continue to create music that brings life and freedom to people. Where some may want to forget the pain and move on, Zach wanted to face the darkness the best way that he knew how; by writing about it and taking the darkest moments of his life to bring purpose and light to others. To pass their time, they listened to the music that they liked and after a quick discussion, they made up their mind: Let's make the music ourselves. Six months later, their first song was completed under the moniker Alfred Hall and after their second gig ever, the rave reviews started coming in and the band quickly became the band to watch.

    The band also landed a synch placement with Netflix, using their song "Safe and Sound" on the official trailer for the Netflix original series Derek. With its timeless narrative of eternal love, lush acoustic guitars and bombastic build-up, the track generated 4 million Spotify streams and over 3 million YouTube views since its independent release. Last year, their independent self-titled EP impressed audiences as they sold overtickets in the UK and Ireland to date. They spent some time in Nashville recording their full-length debut album for Republic Records, which was released in the summer, reached No.

    Egomunk creates music that pulls from a myriad of influences and defies classification, the enigmatic artist has cultivated a sound and style all their own. The music video is quite a visual, with animation adaption by Ben Marlowe of original cinematography by Madeleine Farley, as directed by Egomunk. She has worked in feature films such as The Ruins alongside Shawn Ashmore and Jena Malone and Bright Flame, which is currently in development, which Cole wrote, produced and stars in. The collection contains tracks that embrace a variety of musical styles including rock, pop and soul. The album reached No. The duo is currently on a sixteen-date tour now through December and are joined by videographer Jack Shepherd to capture all of the things on the road.

    The band looks to embark from their home roots in Calcutta, India and inspire the alternative rock world with their authentic and inspiring messages and musical sound.

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