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    Most antidepressants don’t work on kids and teens, study finds

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    They found that the effect of these antidepressants was not much greater than the effect of Prozad placebo drug. Overall, the study showed that placebos were 82 percent as effective as Ptozac antidepressants. Hence, this study found Pozac antidepressants had a benefit only for people with severe depression. Antidepressants for teens may not be as effective for those suffering from mild to moderate varieties of the disorder. Statistics on Antidepressants InKirsch conducted another study on antidepressants.

    This one found that the combination of psychotherapy and antidepressants might be slighter more beneficial than antidepressants alone or psychotherapy alone. Furthermore, the study suggested that antidepressants and psychotherapy had a similar effect as alternative therapies for depression. The Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Studyfunded by the National Institute of Mental Health, also looked at the efficacy of teen antidepressants. Results indicated that a combination of medication and psychotherapy is effective treatment for adolescents with depression.

    Clearly, the research on this topic is contradictory.

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    Therefore, it reveals how much is unknown about the effectiveness of depression medication for children. Clinical study reports are submitted to regulatory authorities prior to a drug being granted a license. The researchers pooled the data from the studies to see how common certain harms were in people who Prozac teen depression taken the study drug, compared to people who had taken placebo. They then looked separately at the results for people under and over the age of Using these results, they calculated the risk of four specific harms from taking the antidepressants studied: What were the basic results? Researchers looked at clinical study reports from 70 studies into duloxetine, fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline and venlafaxine, covering 18, patients.

    However, this affected a very small number of people, at 5. Results in adults When they looked at the risks separately for adults, they found no increased risk of any of the outcomes. Results in children Looking separately at results for unders, they found that children and adolescents did have increased risks of suicidality, at 3 in for those taking antidepressants, compared to 1 in on placebo OR 2. Similar results occurred for aggression, at just under 4 in for those on antidepressants, compared to 1 in on placebo OR 2. How did the researchers interpret the results? The researchers said that many of the studies did not clearly report harms from treatments, and that some were misclassified or described as something else for example, "suicidal thoughts" were sometimes classified as "worsening depression".

    Teen depression Prozac

    Because of this, they say, "The true risk for serious harms [from antidepressants] Prozaf still uncertain. Those studies included more than 5, children and teens who took one of 14 antidepressants or a placebo an average of 8 weeks. Although several of the studies claimed to include patients as young as 6, Cipriani said there was virtually no data on children younger than 9. In his experience, antidepressants work well on his preteen and adolescent patients. Questioning methods Others raised concerns about the methods used to conduct the study.

    Prozac Porzac the best merely because it has dfpression the subject of the most research, said Dr. Because of the powerful placebo effect depressiin treating depression, only a small number of participants in each of the 34 studies would have shown a benefit beyond the placebo. In some children, antidepressants may also trigger anxiety, Prozad, hostility, restlessness or impulsive behavior. These effects may indicate that the child's depression is getting worse or that the child is starting to develop suicidal thoughts. Should children be treated with antidepressants at all? The warnings about a possible link between antidepressants and suicidal thoughts do not mean that antidepressants should not be used in children.

    Nor are the warnings meant to frighten people away from antidepressants. However, the warnings should be taken as a caution to carefully weigh the pros and cons of using antidepressants in children and teenagers against the real risk of suicide as a result of untreated depression. For many children and teens, antidepressants are an effective way to treat depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or other mental health conditions. If these conditions aren't treated effectively, your child may not be able to lead a satisfying, fulfilled life or do normal, everyday activities. What should you do before your child starts taking an antidepressant?

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