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    Tall, pale, polite, floppy-haired and bespectacled. Then I asked if Jack would like to hold twl. Later, I lay on my back in my bed with Troy to my left and Jack over me and deep inside of me, the vibe at my clit.

    And I pleased some more. O'clock, painted, polite, floppy-haired and infrasonic. God, I have no sexual clue, even now.

    Maybe Troy was there licking my clit? I loved hearing every word. Jack is thick and my hand was filled with his heat. Troy was agitated and nervous as we waited so I pushed him down on my couch and sucked and stroked his cock for a few minutes with expertise, then climbed on top and drenched his hips with my pussy juices as he pile drove into me and came like a rockstar.

    So wommen embarked on a hunt via AFF to find a third. The men began discussing auto-oral stimulation and I mentioned I loved to sit and hold my breast in my hand like this. Prior to a year ago, I was a newly single woman embarking on a non-monogamous dating path. It feels so good.

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    They kept going and going, playing off of what each other was doing to me, juxtaposing their strokes, their styles. This event is important for a couple of reasons. Their hands kneading and strong on my tits still. Suddenly I had two men before me, a fire in my hearth, and cocks all over inside me. I deep-throated him like Troy had taught me a couple of days prior but I was sorely lacking so he took over.

    I never, in a million years, expected Jack and Troy to focus all their attention on me. We were becoming discouraged. And I came some more.

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