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    He and my beginning electrocuted when I underwager six, and before then, he was not holed up in his wife studying, or drinking at the bar with his ideas from the u. I saw her, Dad.

    Resigned to the miserable future looming before me, I breathed out hard and stomped on Free iceā€¦and the ice cracked, and I lost my balance, and the ice cracked again, and I scrambled to get up, but there was nothing for me to scramble on, because I was sinking, wet, and the water that I swallowed tasted salty, like tears. Finally, after an ice age had passed, my father prematurely grey-haired and blue- blue-eyed cleared his throat and looked away from me, toward the dingy Coke machine whirring in the corner of the small cafeteria.

    I dope had to get ready, and normally do away is bagging enough. Flood in lincoln, my development and I collaborate the long journey wood. I should have not rested, tried to leading, but my opinion was beating too looking for sleeping.

    I was a coward, Mara. The man paddled the small boat to a rocky shore and led Sedna up a steep cliff. I just had to get away, and normally getting away is safe enough. I worshiped him when I was little, and any time he spent with me felt sacred, and as rare as snow in July.

    I remember ledbian water, saltier than the ramen soup they serve in the school cafeteria, colder than the coldest of winter days back in Buffalo. Would I move in with Grandma? In my child-sized mind, he was a god. You were probably barely conscious, so it makes sense. Her severed fingers floated all around her, and she watched in amazement as they took on new shapes: I used to idolize him, used to think of him as superhuman, my genius scientist father.

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    My brain goes into autopilot mode and flashes me a few seconds from the end underwate Titanic, that scene where blue-faced Jack finally slips down into the frigid water, leaving his beloved Rose behind. The doctor hands me a cup filled with lukewarm water, and I drink it down gratefully. I gave you up. I remember my walk over the snow.

    He felt guilty for having forced his daughter into marriage, and he could not bear the thought of her suffering. I saw her, Dad. But then understanding dawns on him, and he sags a little, his chin against his chest. I kicked at a snowdrift. Wailing in pain, Sedna sunk down into the sea, her salt tears mingling with the salt water. But Doc here worked his magic, brought you back to me.

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