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    Indian forced sex

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    The minute you clear out the moral shroud around sex work, you will begin to see us differently. And the minute that happens, we gain confidence. Feminists Divided But not everyone agrees with Bharti on decriminalising sex work. A section of feminists believe that sex work itself is demeaning to women as it perpetuates patriarchal structures and vests the power in the hands of men. Therefore, these feminists want to abolish sex trade in order to eliminate sex trafficking.

    When there is no sex trade there will be no sex trafficking, goes their narrative. The allegation against organisations like Prajwala is that they conflate sex trade with sex trafficking. Sex trade is not necessarily always exploitative sexual slavery, several women believe they are in a dignified profession. The crucial aspect is that of consent. Minors in sex work are viewed as victims of child sexual abuse and this approach demands that trafficking in the context of adults and children be clearly separated into two different laws to ensure that consenting adults are not infantilised and children are given justice.

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    And the law of the land doesn't ban sex work. This challenged our initial idea that no woman could and would enter sex work on her own and the notion that all women were forced and trafficked into sex work. Mandha Bheem Reddy, a campaigner with the Indian Migrants' Rights Council, said corruption was endemic among border control officers. Many of these women can be stopped at the airport when questioning shows they have probably not met the requirements for emigration to the Gulf countries but they are allowed to leave," he said. Anis Begum said her travel documents had been falsified to get round Indian laws designed to restrict abuse.

    When they asked me too many questions, I called him and handed over the phone. Once he spoke to the official, they let me through," she said. Last month an Air India employee was arrested at Delhi airport for falsifying boarding passes to allow workers to travel overseas illegally. A police officer was also involved in the scam. Even substantial bribes to officials do not dent profits. Agents are taking money from both the employers and workers and in the process cheating both parties. A recent Human Rights Watch report described migrant domestic workers in Saudi Arabia working 15 to 20 hours a day with no holidays and few breaks, minimal access to healthcare and poor accommodation.

    Many reported sexual abuse by employers. According to the US state department, the kingdom is a "destination country" for men and women being trafficked for labour and, "to a lesser extent, forced prostitution". Some are forced to work in brothels or simply abused. There are frequent reports of such incidents in the Indian press. In May last year a year-old told recounted how she was forced to dance in a bar in Bahrain with 20 other women from the northwestern province of the Punjab by a violent trafficker before she drank chemicals to force him to bring her back home.

    In August last year, wex in Dubai arrested four people Foced of running a prostitution ring after members allegedly beat up a Bangladeshi woman and held her in a cell where she was raped and pimped to paying customers. In Sharjah, another of the United Arab Emirates, a decades-old business which took impoverished Indian women who had been promised jobs in supermarkets or as housemaids and inddia them into prostitution was uncovered by police in November. Campaigners admit that as abuses occur overseas they are difficult for Indian authorities to deal with. But the agents are "here, not there", said Subhash Bhatnagar, the Delhi-based activist who received the tip-off which led to the raid on the "human warehouse" and freed Malti and Sati.

    Every week one or two of them would disappear, probably flown off to the Middle East. But most of us stayed put. No one had any money or contacts. Soniya felt her body start to relax as her deep breathing did its trick. Soon, the doors hissed again and closed. With a sharp pulse, the train started to move. Soniya, along with all the other standing passengers, felt herself jerk from the motion of the bogie, her hand on the handrail quickly straightening her body. She looked up at her hand on the rail; her wristwatch showed her it was seven minutes after five. She should be at her home station in fifteen minutes.

    It's more crowded than usual today, Soniya thought. The entire bogie seemed like every square inch was occupied by one or more persons. The people standing looked like a large box of crayons. Once again, her mind started to panic; once again, Soniya took deep breaths to keep herself from yelling out. She could feel the person behind her.

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