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    Career[ edit ] Stand-up comedy and theatre[ edit ] When the Comedy Store opened in London inSayle responded to an advert in Private Eye for would-be comedians [9] and became its first master of ceremonies.

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    Sayle became the leading performer at the Comic Strip. He also appeared in the stage show, film and comedy album of The Secret Policeman's Other Ball — Sayle's material covered a broad range of topics, but one of his favourite subjects remained politics. His angry persona, coupled with his vociferous delivery, gave immense bite to his material. A typical example of Sayle's humour was his attack on American phrases: Although this was mainly a nostalgia night with comedians such as Nigel Planer and Norman Lovett revisiting their material from the s, Sayle premiered some new material that was more anecdotal than his previous work. Sayle says of his old style: The guy in the tight suit was actually a creation.

    He played a further ten nights at the Soho Theatre in April He continues to tour and performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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