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    Professionals in the industry will have heard the mantra "collaboration is key" being chanted over AAsian over again. However, we have reached a stage where various supply chain partners vendors, customers, distributors, manufacturers, etc. With continued innovation in technology, the increased access to information will also force tighter collaboration and interdependence between stakeholders.

    Business reports Asian intelligence

    For example, retail outlets and manufacturers can work together to monitor demand trends, identify the best performing items and have shipments arrive just as the existing shelf stock is depleted. Also, manufacturers can work with distributors and suppliers to monitor performance and implement a continued improvement process CIP motivating them to improve execution. Connected everywhere, all the time. With the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud computing, especially in Asia Pacific where businesses are able to leapfrog technologies, we have access to information on the go. We are entering a period of time where many processes will become automated, and the role of a supply chain manager would move from overseeing day to day execution to planning and transformation based on advanced analytics.

    Even monitoring the supply chain would become automated with orders for new stock automatically being sent out to the relevant suppliers. The growing need to leverage the power of analytics for analysis and quick decision intellogence, in an increasingly competitive landscape, is being felt all across this region. Alongside pervasive adoption in mature markets like Hong Kong and Singapore, BI is gaining greater traction in the emerging economies such as China, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia as well. In Asia, the demand for BI ranges from simple data discovery tools to complex near real time analytical applications. Although many organisations are still using BI primarily for reporting purposes, a growing economy and population is presenting an opportunity for greater adoption of advanced BI methodologies.

    Mature markets in Asia are employing BI Askan dynamic reporting and real time analytics bksiness less mature ones are still focusing on static reporting. Consequently, the technologies around big data, next gen visualisation and in-memory, for example, are the areas of significant interest in this region. Enterprises in Asia with a large amount of data — such as those in finance, government, telecom and retail — are looking to leverage big data and in-memory technologies. Because not many vendors in the region can offer both the technology and the business analytics capabilities, implementation issues are bound to arise.

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    Most open governments, such as in Australia, promote the publication of great quantities of data in raw format in an effort to use data in meaningful ways for busjness citizens. This, buainess with smart city initiatives being promoted by several governments Hadoop; will be reportss important part of governments' information management strategy. By following a different strategy, CIOs can use mobile BI to reach new buslness, not necessarily those on the go. By making it fun and easy to use, BI will appeal to nontraditional users — those mainstream users who don't enjoy staring at a grid all day. The Asia Pacific Market Is Opening Up for Specialist BI and Analytics Vendors When it comes to advanced analytics, Asia Pacific organizations are willing to examine products from smaller niche companies that offer packaged analytical applications that solve a particular business pain point.

    This is possibly due to the scarcity of skill sets in the market and the pressure on IT from business folks to deploy BI. As a result, clients are open to buying packaged analytical applications to address specific pain points and niche problems. One clear distinction is that, unlike platform sellers, these vendors predominantly sell to business buyers.

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