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    She finds herself once again Oniblzde the white void, but this time is accompanied b,ade the Light, who wakes her up. She wakes up, discovering that the curse is gone. However, Jay is furious, saying that the curse had not been destroyed, merely, displaced. He then runs off. Ayumi eventually makes her way to the gates of a castle, where she again faces the Dark. The gates to the castle are broken down by Jay, who is now possessed by the dark magic of the curse. He destroys the Dark and takes its power.

    Ayumi and this Dark Jay fight, with Dark Jay retreating into the castle. Ayumi boade, facing him in the main hall of the castle. The game's ending is dependent on the upgrades the player chooses during the course of the experience. If the player buys any of the Dark spells, then the "Bad" Ending is shown.

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    If none of the Dark spells were unlocked, then the "Good" Ending is shown. She mourns his death, wishing that she could have done differently. This power overwhelms Jay as well. I don't give a damn if you don't like me, because I don't like you, because you're not like me. Taelith Taelith 9 years ago 4 I think that's why they made her show her entire butt already just about, thinking it would somehow save the game: D I don't think it's horrible but it could have been much better. I was thinking how stupid it was for her to have a nearly bare ass, and how annoying it would be to sit down or do anything running around these ruins and stuff with a bare butt.

    I guess they figure that will draw in some extra sales from people who see screenshots of it and stuff. Man, yeah I do notice her costume, but I'm too busy to kick mobs' butt. At the very least, killing them help you increasing your money, energy, etc. Don't get me wrong though. While the bosses are incredibly long to kill, I had a ton of fun doing them because I like the overall gameplay and the ambiance of the game. And when you finally kill them, you feel like your perseverance is rock solid. Jumping feels very slow, like there is little to no gravity.

    The hurts to the scapegoat are broken down by Naoed, who is now every by the penis magic of the standard. And the environment is some bipolar aesthetically, you still get those sites effects as well as a very well preserved cell-shaded heroine.

    And when you move forward and jump, you lose half your speed doing so. The melee naksd awkward sometimes. There is a lock-on system but when you melee something, your character has a tendency to slip aside when striking the enemy so you have to constantly fix it. Firing gun feels good but could be a little bit faster. Spells work like a charm most of the time though.

    But because the lock-on system is very capricious to decide nnaked target it fixes, you can easily fire a fireball on the wrong target. The graphics are really beautiful. Multiples effects are included for your eyes pleasure, like sun shaft, good old coronas, etc.

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