• Breast awareness

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    Breast Cancer Awareness

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    awarenes Still, finding something suspicious in your breast can make you anxious about what it may mean. Use a methodical technique to ensure you examine your entire breast. Most medical organizations don't recommend routine breast self-exams as a part of breast cancer screening. What you can expect Begin with a visual examination of your breasts Sit or stand shirtless and braless in front of a mirror with your arms at your sides.

    Awareness Breast

    Though most breast changes detected during a self-exam for breast awareness have benign causes, some changes may signal something serious, awarenes as breast cancer. When to contact your doctor Make an appointment with your doctor if you notice: If you menstruate, choose a time in your cycle when your breasts are least tender. The look and feel of your breasts will change as you age. Find out the ways you can get involved and support our work during the month. Then move your fingers to the next section.

    Finding a change or lump in your breast is not a reason to panic. Lift your breasts to see if ridges along the bottom are symmetrical. Learn more Campaign with us We campaign to stop women dying from breast cancer and make sure that everyone affected by breast cancer receives the best possible treatment and services. The best time to perform a self-exam for breast awareness is usually the week after your period ends.

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    Choose a bed or other Bteast surface to lie down on your back. If you have a disability that makes it difficult to examine your breasts using this technique, you likely can still conduct a breast self-exam. Still, doctors believe there is value in women being familiar with their own breasts, so they understand what's normal and promptly report changes. Ask your doctor to show you ways you can examine your breasts.

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