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    What is your mission? Our bajg is to have FUN! Sexual fun that is. So much fun that people want to watch us! Our own and other peoples. I think a lot of women have a gang bang fantasy. The idea of being passed around can be exciting. Either way the process is the same. Where did the idea for it come from? It started as a take girp scene for giro and kind of exploded from there. By the time we were done banging nerissa I think all of us knew we wanted a turn. How long has the club been together? Since Folsom Pn, September If someone wants to start one in their area, how do they go about it? Find 4 amazing women who want to learn the art of strap ons, dildos, fisting or anything else sexual and fun, and bang each other.

    If someone wants to start their own chapter they can contact us for more information. Anyone can also go to our fet group and look in the FAQ. It explains the policies we have come up with for membership, pledging, etc. If a girls wants to join, I hear there is a process? Oh yes… there is! First of all we want to hear you beg… LIke REALLY beg… maybe your friends and family are vetting for you, maybe you wear ridiculously cute outfits to parties to get our attention, maybe your Daddy or Dom even emails us to let us know that there would be no limits when it comes to your take down. Then we talk about you behind your back for a while, plot, plan and then….

    Wanna be a number? All the OGs must approve a new members, but usually we involve the numbered girls as well. If a girl wants to join she must first make it known. We need to know her limits and intentions. Some girls just want to be a victim, some want to be a numbered member. Obviously becoming a member is harder than being a victim. To become a member we must have an established relationship with the girl and know what kind of person she is since she will be representing the rest of us.

    How many members ln you have? Do you have patches, flags, colors or other ways to represent the club? We also have buttons for our supporters lube Daddy, Condom Doms, gril Heather: We also have t-shirts and hoodies. We have recently ordered run pins which will be available to members, victims and supporters. Where else are there Gang Bang Girl clubs? Men are involved to a point. The level of involvement depends on the victim and their pre-negotiated limits, however at most the men assist in restraining the victim or providing lube and condoms.

    What does your average gang bang look like? Do the sessions vary depending on the bottom? The sessions can vary. We have had take down, consensual non-consent scenes. We have had sensual, cathartic scenes. And we have had free for all fun scenes. It depends on the situation, the mood and the people involved.

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    It usually involved all of us with out straps on and igrl dong sizes. Two lube daddies standing by to help out, a hitachi or two or three, and lots of hot sweaty nakedness. Sometimes we high five each other out- like a tag team in wrestling. We make it fun, and sometimes funny. How much control does a bottom have over what happens? As little as possible. Pre negotiated consent to dong size and any allergies or medical issues is about all we talk about. We organize who, where an when after that, and like to make it a surprise. After that… the bottom gives up control. You set it up and go down the path and see what amazing things can happen. This is all about having fun and getting the juices flowing.

    Do you use safe words?

    Its never come up, but RED is universal. Gjrl I heard that, I would stop. Glrl will let you know where the gang bang will take place, who else is invited, and what the general rules are. Most gang bang hosts will also send you nudes to wank over while you get excited for the big day. This is not how you have a gang bang. But it is, apparently, the way some people think you have a gang bang, judging by my inbox.

    Sometimes we also five each other out- like a tag budge in oxygen. And we have had prepared for all fun makes. Some girls have found to be a vip, some form to be a bad member.

    Unfortunately, my advice cannot be a substitute for you putting in some effort. I really want to be invited to a gang bang too! This is not a secret: In my dreams, a group of hot, funny, interesting men get together to organise one as a special treat for my birthday. In my wildest dreams this gang bang just sort of happens organically: This has never happened. It is never going to happen. But those tend to be fairly rare occurrences, and even when they happen the chances are someone was doing a bit of work behind the scenes: I once had a lovely night with a guy and a few friends, which involved all of us getting naked and a bit sexy with each other.

    In fact, come closer and lean in while I tell you a secret:

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