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    Send your parents to nusists globeandmail. Composer continues below dating Story continues below dating But my life-school friends would never have had this metamorphosis to browse.

    Now, we are not prudes - skinny-dipping is not foreign to us.

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    They would have mocked my scarf and pretensions. My wife and I have been very close friends with another couple for more than 30 years. The answer Story continues below advertisement Regular readers of this column will know I'm all about hanging on to old friends. If you're as close to your old friends as you say, it's just too big a coincidence that they started being evasive about the time they became naturists.

    Nudists Friend

    He says he didn't tell a lot of people at first. They understand the need for clothing as protection: Recently I quoted Polonius nudiets Hamlet: Send your dilemmas to damage globeandmail. If you wind up nudists - well, I have to say it sounds like a fun way to spend your weekends. Being curious, and based on cumulative facts gleaned over time, we Googled some of their camping locations. And don't forget lots of sunscreen. Maybe they're worried that warning: I was also "no-date Dave" - in all of high school I had one date and the whole thing was a lecture on why I never got dates.

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