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    Facebook Ms Prosser competes professionally in bodybuilding competitions. Facebook But Ms Prosser firmly believes sharing such images in no way entitles men to make her the object of such vile attention. Though to her knowledge no explicit images of her have been uploaded to the site, she said the moment she became aware she was being hunted, she felt like she had plummeted into the realms of porn star without her knowledge or control. Users identify specific towns or schools and the names of girls they want naked pictures of. More than 70 schools across Australia have so far been identified as being targeted.

    Users were actively continuing to use the site on Wednesday, after news of it spread and police warned they could be prosecuted for sharing explicit pictures. While there are many pictures taken of girls engaged in sex acts, the vast majority appear to have been taken by girls themselves and shared with others, largely by the smartphone app, Snapchat. Many images posted to the site have been shared by Snapchat.

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