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    What is Peyronie's disease? Peyronie's disease causes the penis to become curved when it's erect. The don mostly affects men over 40, although it can happen at any age. What are the symptoms of Peyronie's disease? The symptoms of Peyronie's disease include: If you do get pain, it may get better over time. But in severe cases, the curve in the penis can make having sex difficult, painful or even impossible.

    Curvature penis or down up Normal

    Peyronie's disease may also lead to erectile dysfunction. In mild cases the plaque does not advance beyond an initial inflammatory stage, but in severe cases tough fibrous tissue develops and calcium deposits may even build up. While injury may cause some cases of Peyronie's disease, most cases develop slowly and after no apparent trauma. Severe hypospadias, where the opening of the urethra is on the wrong part of the penis, can also cause curvature of the penis. This condition is different from Peyronie's disease, however.

    How can I prevent it? You can't, except perhaps by avoiding sexual acts which might damage or over-stretch the penis. Should I see a doctor?

    If the 'stiffening' is particularly bad, aim penid visit matters. Severe hypospadias, where the most of the airline is on the more part of the pressure, can also cause false of the best. Is My Accompaniment Normal?.

    If you notice lumps in your penis, you curvaturre go straight to curvatire GP. There is no need to worry about having an examination: They can also lr out any other possible causes. If you have only had the problem for a short time Normmal doctor may ask you to come back in a prnis or so if the problem persists. But if you are in pain, or curvaturre the condition is affecting your sex life and relationship, insist on a referral to a consultant or to another GP with a special interest in sexual problems. There are also special NHS clinics to treat male sexual problems. How is it diagnosed? You will need to have a physical examination.

    No medical tests are usually necessary. What are the main treatments? Surgery is the only treatment known to be effective. However, many men with Peyronie's disease need no treatment, because in its mild form the condition heals by itself in 6—15 months. Many doctors therefore suggest that men wait one to two years before having surgery. At the end of this period there may be a residual curvature of the penis but, if intercourse is possible without pain, no further treatment is usually required. Prior to surgery some men try other treatments, as listed below, but their effectiveness is unproven.

    Some improvement has been reported but their effectiveness remains unproven. The affected area may be injected with steroids or other chemical agents to attack the build-up of plaques. This can reduce pain, but steroids such as cortisone have led to unpleasant side-effects, including the wasting or death of healthy tissues. Are Curved Penises Normal? Some penises curve left, others right. Still others curve up or down, and some are straight as an arrow. And it turns out, a curved penis might even be a sexual advantage.

    doqn Michael Reitanoa curved penis can be beneficial for some positions, depending on your partner. If you find that your curvature is giving you complications in the bedroom, check out this list of sex pnis for your bent boner. However, other more extreme penis curvatures can make sex painful or even dangerous. Progression of the curve of your penis and subjective pain and discomfort are important factors. If you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection, tell your doctor. Erectile dysfunction is relatively common even in younger guys and there are a number of options to help. The strength and frequency of your erection is actually super important.

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