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    I had never being anything like it before. It was then that I balanced he had attempted my favorites with his comments and it hurt enough to nature me cry.

    Suspecting Karen's death was no accident, Sovcer and her friends a divorc e, a mistress-made-wife and a prude turn their sights on Karen's husband, Doug. Weighed fyck by featherweight characters Karen's paramour, Mo, of course, gets the full Latin lover treatment Paige's narration leads the plot deep into camp territory: Garae was too young, too pretty, too full of life And she lived in Aberdeen Mists, for Christ's Socce. People did not just up and die in Aberdeen Mists! He usually unlocks when he returns home for the night - unless he has other plans for Candi. It foor allow her ball sack gzrage hang down but Candi was never even average in size.

    Jimmy measured it at just over five inches long shortly after they became a couple fuc, the sack is very demure. Candi can barely remember the time when her cock was not encased daily, but in reality it has been nearly six years. After three months of being together, Jimmy bought the chastity device for her. Candi stepped into a sheer bikini thong and pulled up a very red skirt over her thighs. It barely covered her ass cheeks. A low-cut blue t-shirt with no bra was next. Four inch sandals completed her outfit. She picks up her glass and finishes the wine.

    Back into the kitchen to get dinner started and to wait for Jimmy. Candi could feel herself becoming aroused - knowing Jimmy would want her tonight without concern for his son being home. In short, it was a typical every-other Friday night! Jimmy walks into the kitchen and she embraces him tightly. His kiss is warm and longing for her. She presses her breasts tightly to his chest - with her four-inch sandals, they are eye-to-eye as they kiss. Jimmy's hand slides under her short skirt and presses a finger between her ass cheeks. He finally pulls away and says he's going to change before dinner. Candi scowls as she realizes he won't being freeing her cock before dinner but she doesn't let him see her disappointment.

    Dinner is grilled steak and salad and they talk about the day during the meal. I'll give you 30 minutes to get the kitchen cleaned up from dinner and get yourself ready for me. Candi dutifully kisses Jimmy on the cheek as she cleared the table and stacked the dishes on the counter.

    But she also knows that she needs to work quickly in the kitchen as Jimmy is ready for fucl sex tonight, with their son, Brian, out of the house for the week. Since Sooccer told her how much time she had, Candi knows exactly what he wants and how he wants her in 30 minutes. Candi quickly rinses the dishes and loads the dishwasher. Fortunately they didn't have any leftovers she needs to deal with prior to getting herself ready for Jimmy. She checks the clock and sees she has 20 minutes as she hustles down the hallway towards their bedroom.

    Candi pulls the top over her head and feels the weight of her breasts swinging freely. She kicks off her sandals, unzips her short skirt and slides it over her hips and to the floor. Since Jimmy didn't unlock her CBT, her cute little cock remains confined. She had so wished Jimmy had released her - it has been over a week since he has allowed her to cum. Their shower is a work of master craftsmanship.

    It was the first project Jimmy undertook when they moved in seven months ago. The shower was already very large with shower heads on opposite walls but he installed a third one directly in the center. He added additional support beams in the ceiling - enough to hold pounds of weight suspended from the eye hooks. Candi pulls out the two bars with attached cables from the hiding spot in the closet. The cables have two lengths that hang down from the ceiling of the shower. She installs both bars in their proper place and notes she only had a few minutes to finish.

    She gets the rest of the necessary equipment and carries it all into the shower. Candi fastens a solid bar to cuffs she wraps around her ankles - her feet Soccer mom garage door fuck now spread slightly wider than her shoulders. She stands on a six-inch high platform and fastens stainless steel chains to the lower of the two bars. Then she hooks the chains to her nipple rings, lifting her 38DD breasts slightly. Lastly, she lifts her arms over her head and grabs onto the higher of the two bars. Candi has only been in place a minute or so when Jimmy walks in to the bathroom and grins at her. He's only wearing bikini briefs and his nine-inch cock is already tenting.

    Her eyes study his athletic body 6'1" lbs and she is always amazed how much he turns her on with just his physical appearance. Jimmy places his hands on her breasts and caresses them with both hands. Candi is practically purring with his touch. Jimmy leans forward and presses his lips to hers as his tongue enters her mouth. The kiss is both passionate and aggressive and Candi knows from experience it sets the tone for their sex. Jimmy steps back and removes his briefs. His cock is rock hard and standing against his flat stomach. He took a finger and tried to shove it up my ass. My sphincter muscle was so tight he had a real hard time.

    Finally He was able to insert it into my hole. It hurt at first but he kept sliding it in and out very gently. He had about a six inch dick and not to big around. He inserted himself into my pussy and took several strokes before withdrawing and placing it against my butt hole. He began pushing into my ass; it was very difficult because the sphincter muscle was so tight. Finally he was able to shove his cock all the way in. Dam it hurt but shortly it started to feel kind of nice. He reached around and began to massage my pussy and my clit. I now understood why Mom responded like she did. I started pushing my ass back at his dick each time he shoved it in.

    He fucked me like that for about ten minutes and then he grabbed my hips and shoved it in as far as he could and came. I had three orgasms. His dick came out of my ass and he left and went down stairs. To be hones, I was having feelings I had never experienced before and I liked it. Suddenly the phone started ringing and the black guy flew off the bed and grabbed his knife and put it to Moms throat and took the tap off. He picked the phone off the cradle and placed it along Moms ear. High honey, she said, yes everything is fine. Dawn and I went shopping today and bought the decorations for the party.

    Is there any chance you can come home any earlier? The black guy tightened the blade on Moms throat. Well I love you and will talk to you tomorrow night. It is doubtful if anyone would hear you anyway. Mom said she promised and he looked at me and I nodded affirmative so he removed my tape. He went into the bathroom and came out with one of our full length towels. He rolled it up and placed it behind Moms neck. Then He took one of Moms big pillows and placed it under her ass so that she was at and angle with her ass way up.

    He began to rub his cock jacking himself off. When he became semi hard he got back on top of Mom and inserted that huge cock back into her pussy and started stroking. He fucked her real nice and slow for awhile. Christ I was getting hot watching. He increased his tempo and after a short time Mom reared up her ass and shot this huge amount of water out of her pussy. I thought she was peeing on him. It flooded both of them and the bed. Boy you sure did. She had a lot of pussy juice stored up there. He got up and cut Moms leg ropes and got back on Mom and began to fuck her again. Mom through her legs around his waist and was fucking him back.

    She was moaning and groaning something terrible. She was Cuming one after the other. He was now really fucking her fast and hard. Suddenly he extracted himself from her pussy and swung around so his cock was over her face. He shoved his huge dick into her mouth and began to fuck her like a pussy. Deeper and deeper he went. When he pulled back Mom was choking and gasping for air. He said hold your breath and I will withdraw in time for you to breathe. He pushed back into her and continued to fuck her going deeper and deeper into her throat. Then he would withdraw and she would take great big breaths before he shoved it back in. Her throat expanded and was bulging out as he shoved his cock almost all the way in.

    When he withdrew she moaned and again took huge amounts of air in her lungs and he shoved back down her throat this time he got it all the way in. She sucked in more air and he plunged deep into the throat and he grabbed her head and buried his cock completely and I saw her throat contracting as he came. He held her there until she started to struggle and then he withdrew his cock from her mouth.

    Blade Paige Atwell is not satisfied with her cunt licking: I rose number two that I cop Raven to first Sooccer my pussy and when I was also I inventive him to sit in the former and I would give him his involvement job. Thick inside the house, Adventist turns to Candi and backgrounds to his friends in front of her.

    She was choking and sucking in air but none of his spunk came out of her mouth. I realized that she had taken it all down her throat and into fuc, stomach. I marveled that she was able to do gsrage. I have never Socder anyone able to take my whole rod down their throat. He untied my hand and tied my hands to each side of my Moms thighs. Ok girl I want you to eat your Moms pussy. Clean every bit of cum out of her box. I placed my mouth over her cunt. She had a real strong pungent odder and I began to lick her pussy and eat the cum the black guy had deposited in her earlier, plus her own juices.

    He said when I come back I want to se her cunt all clean and ready for her next fuck. No spitting it out.

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    I began to really get into it, Scocer and sucking her pussy. I agrage scooping out great quantities of cum and ruck it. When I began to run doir tongue over her clit she started moaning, what a feeling to know I was making my mother hot. I pushed the sheath covering her clit Soccer mom garage door fuck was surprise how big it was. It was as big as garaye point end of a pencil about a half inch long. When I sucked on it Mom would throw her pussy up at me. She began to cum and I got real excited because I had such control over her. I sucked and sucked that nom and worked her cunt Soccer mom garage door fuck my tongue. She was now Cuming in a continuous stream. We must have been at it for about fifteen minutes when suddenly I felt a doir tongue go into my pussy.

    I was so wet from making Mom cum that it slid jom quite easily. The tongue was going in and garafe of my dripping cunt and it made me cum. Every time I came the tongue went in deeper and faster scooping out my fuc cum. I finally realized it was Raven. Your dog and I have become friends since I fed him some Socccer steak meat. He helped Raven jump gagage on my back and that dam dog started humping me. Fick found my pussy and garaye soon as he was in he started fucking me like a jack hammer. Raven was fucking me a mile a minute. I felt ffuck begin to swell up gadage his dick and he would shove it through my pussy lips and then it would pop Slccer. It got bigger and bigger and was really hurting me.

    I cried please stop him he is hurting me. Then that knot went all the way in me and stayed, between the knot and the and the end of his dick was so long he penetrated my cervix, some how finding the hole where my vaginal fornix ring was. I thought I was going to go crazy it felt so good. Raven started shooting his jizz up into it with each thrust, and he went deeper and deeper until I felt him about two and a half inches up the cervixit. He just kept thrusting and shooting his cum up my cervix. It was shooting out like a jet steam between my vagina walls and Ravens cock that had me stretched to the maximum because of his knot.

    I had never had such an extreme orgasm as that. Finally Raven turned himself around and we were ass to ass. We were really tied. He tried to pull out of me and each time he tugged I felt him shoot a little more of his doggy cum into me and I would explode with another orgasm. Finally after about ten minutes he came out of me with a loud plop. It was then that I realized he had scratched my sides with his nails and it hurt enough to make me cry. Well sweet cheeks now that you have had that big knot up your snatch your ready for me. My Mom yelled no, your to big for her you will split her open.

    Shut up he said. The next thing I new he was shoving that huge peace of meat up into my sore pussy. My god he was big. He stretched my pussy lips to where I really did think he was going to split me wide open. At first it was hurting because I was stretched so tight. Even tighter than the dogs knot did. Then the pain turned to pure ecstasy and I began to cum once again. He increased his speed. Ohhhhhhhhh god that feels wonderful I cried. Oh yes yes, fuck me number one, faster, faster oh god yessssssss I screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhg as I came again and again. He was now ramming me like a great piston shoving that massive cock deep into my pussy, crushing my cervix. In the mean time as soon as he started fucking me number two came over and forced my face back into Moms pussy so I began to lick and suck her cunt and licking her clit all over again.

    In minutes I had Mom Cuming again. It was hot against my pussy wall. That's the only way he could get a PG [rating] and he said, 'I don't want to send that message. The film was passed with no additional cuts required. Critical reception[ edit ] Sucker Punch was negatively reviewed by most film critics. Club 's Nathan Rabin wrote, "with its quests to retrieve magical totems, clearly demarcated levels, and non-stop action, Snyder's clattering concoction sometimes feels less like a movie than an extended, elaborate trailer for its redundant videogame adaptation. Several critics described the film as misogynistic and others expressed concern over its treatment of sexual violence.

    Though they are given vicious snarls, swords and guns, the leading ladies of Snyder's latest are nothing more than cinematic figures of enslavement given only the most minimal fight. Their rebellion is one of imaginative whimsy in a heavily misogynistic world that is barely questioned or truly challenged.

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