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    Types of Breast Reconstruction

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    More information Access to breast reconstruction Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy for breast cancer is available in the public hospital system as well as through the private health system.

    It is surgurt a medical procedure, not cosmetic surgery. Breast reconstruction in a public hospital There is no charge to you if you have your breast reconstruction through the public health system. If you would like to consider this option, your breast surgeon or breast care nurse can refer you to a public hospital that offers reconstruction surgery. Not all public hospitals are able to provide reconstruction surgery and waiting times will vary from hospital to hospital and across different states and territories. You can talk to your treating team about what's available and where you can go to have your preferred procedure.

    Breast reconstruction surgury Breast

    If you are considering an immediate reconstruction and would like to have your surgery in a public hospital, it reconstructon important that you talk to your breast surgeon Breast breast reconstruction surgury this as soon as possible. Breazt you are seeing a surgeon who works only in the private sector, you may reconstrudtion a referral to someone who works in a public hospital. Waiting times can be up to two years or more in some places. Try to do this as soon as you can. You can then Breash the waiting time to explore your options and make your decision. If you decide not to have a reconstruction, you can surgurry your name from the waiting list. Breast reconstruction in a private hospital You can choose to pay syrgury treatment as a private patient even if you don't have private health insurance.

    If you choose to have surguy reconstruction surgery through the private health system, there can be considerable out-of-pocket expenses, even if you have a high level of private health insurance. Some specialists are willing to negotiate their reocnstruction if you ask them. Sjrgury you are not happy with the quote you receive, you can surguty your Brast or surgeon for a referral to another surgeon. If you Bresat private health insurance, you may like to ask your fund reconatruction is covered Breast breast reconstruction surgury your insurance and what the gap will be between how much you are charged and how much is paid by your fund.

    There can be a substantial gap between the cost of surgery and the amount you receive from your insurance fund that is not covered by Medicare. This is a balloon-like device inserted between the chest muscle and your skin. The purpose of a tissue expander is to gradually inflate and stretch the skin so that there is room for a breast implant after surgery. Tissue expanders can stay in place for up 18 months and give you time to decide whether or not you want to have a reconstruction. Implant reconstruction is easier on the front end: Flaps are more difficult to perform, more time-consuming, and a longer recovery.

    But on the back end, things flip. Over time, implants are more prone to problems and often require additional procedures to correct these problems. Flaps perform better over time; a flap done well should not need more attention over the course of a lifetime. Over time, plastic surgeons have developed newer techniques for flap reconstruction that can avoid cutting through muscle at the donor site, such as the belly, or take tissue from different areas of the body, such as the buttocks. Your plastic surgeon may discuss the pros and cons of surgery on your opposite breast, even if it's healthy, so that it more closely matches the shape and size of your reconstructed breast.

    Surgery to remove your healthy breast contralateral prophylactic mastectomy can double the risk of surgical complications, such as bleeding and infection. Also, there may be less satisfaction with cosmetic outcomes after surgery. Before your surgery, follow your doctor's specific instructions on preparing for the procedure. This may include guidelines on eating and drinking, adjusting current medications, and quitting smoking. What you can expect Tissue expansion Tissue expansion During tissue expansion, a balloon inserted under your chest muscle is gradually filled with saline over a period of several weeks or months.

    The gradual inflation of the balloon stretches the skin and tissue over your chest to make room for an implant. Breast reconstruction begins with placement of a breast implant or tissue expander, either at the time of your mastectomy immediate reconstruction or during a later procedure delayed reconstruction. Breast reconstruction often requires multiple operations, even if you choose immediate reconstruction. Breast implants A breast implant is a round or teardrop-shaped silicone shell filled with salt water saline or silicone gel. Once restricted because of safety concerns, silicone gel implants are now considered safe. A plastic surgeon places the implant either behind or in front of the muscle in your chest pectoral muscle.

    Implants that are put in front of the muscle are held in place using a special tissue Bgeast acellular dermal matrix. Over time, your body replaces this tissue with collagen. Some women are able to have the permanent breast implant placed at the time of the mastectomy direct-to-implant reconstruction. However, many women require a two-stage process, using a tissue expander before the permanent implant is placed. Pre-pectoral breast implant Pre-pectoral breast implant In pre-pectoral breast implant placement, the implant is placed on top of the chest pectoralis muscle.

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    After mastectomy, a balloonlike tissue expander can be placed between your chest recojstruction and your skin. The tissue expander is gradually filled with saline to stretch the breast skin and make room for a breast implant. To support your breast skin, the surgeon may insert a layer of collagen cells tissue matrix around the expander. Over time, your own cells fill in the matrix to create supportive tissue to hold the implant in place.

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