• Locking gear with thumb screw

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    Avantco PMG1230 Locking Thumbscrew

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    Binding Head inch Scrdw Head inch and metric Round Head inch Fillister Head inch Slotted Cheese Head metric Other screws types available from Nordex include captive screws, seal screws, set screws, socket head, cap screws and shoulder screws. Mount the goniometer head Place the goniometer head on to the goniometer mount phi-axis assembly. The following machine screw head styles are available from stock: Star knobs are also known as hand knobs. Available in stainless steel in inch or metric sizes.

    For more detailed procedure please ask a member of support staff. Once the desired height achieved, lock the translation locking screw with the red screwdriver. Assembly Tools Nordex carries a full line of precision fasteners readily available from stock, including assortment kits, nuts, pins, retaining rings, set screws, captive screws, machine screws, shoulder screws and threaded stock in both inch and metric sizes. Engage the phi-axis assembly gears Rotate the silver thumb-screw clockwise to 'lock' position see Step 4 to engage gears of the phi-axis assembly.

    Screw Locking thumb gear with

    Specialized assembly tools also are available. Keep alternating between sscrew angles screq satisfied with the position. The machine is now ready for data collection. Thrust pads can be used in combination with screws to prevent marking, scratches or dents to materials that are easily damaged. Turn on the cold-light source, located either at the back or the front of the phi-axis assembly picture 1c. You might want to swing out the microscope holding arm to give you some extra space to maneuver.

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