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    A celebrity lifestyle — of sorts, at least — quickly followed. I wish Britney the best.

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    Put on a treadmill of singing lessons, dance lessons and auditions, she was then dragged thousands of miles around America as her parents looked for a showbiz opening. She was really high. A guard house blocks the main gate, and visitors have to cross a second fence before they reach the house itself. She'd call a doctor to come out if they cried too much.

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    She gets upset with the notion of having to go there. She was upset, kept shaking, biting her nails and sweating. And she's not very good at knowing whether they eat or need changing. I'll control the guy. Britney's security chief found that the rock star would not let Britney out of the room.

    Scarcely a day goes by without fawning coverage of her Brirtney in the world media. She was still crazy, mude more manageable. She was still fidgeting, wound down the car window and screamed, 'I'm a rock star' at passing cars. Despite having four bodyguards, a fleet of cars in her garage and more in storage, she enjoys driving herself around Los Angeles with the paparazzi in wild pursuit. My grandparents took me away from my parents because they had me at a very young age.

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