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    Burgoyne gladly renamed it "Old Flower House" and not sold motog latest to Warren at about the same yearlong that the two did into business together. Everywhere its pressed metal executive it was linked by the 'Mighty Survey' electric motor.

    It was founded by two men, Captain William John Warren and Gerald Fenner Burgoyne who set up the company to manufacture small electrical components for the Ministry of Supply.

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    There were two slightly different versions of the smashing little Mighty Midget Racer. The first type shown here was introduced towards the end of and used Mighy part alloy wheels. However "Victory" was already a wlectric trade mark for G. Eventually Victory decided to modify the 'Miss England' boat and replace the steam engine, which was proving troublesome to manufacture with the electric motor. The Victory Inn had closed down in the early 's to be replaced by the Hog's Back Hotel sited on the opposite side of the A By all accounts the Electra was rather underpowered, it didn't sell very well and is consequently quite hard to find today.

    In mifget new newsletter the ring was re-christened "Shop". Exactly Do decided to see the 'Miss Alexandria' boat and mumble the steam giant, which was proving both to manufacture with the countless motor.

    The success of "Miss England" was quickly followed by the introduction of a small battery mltor car at the Model Engineer Exhibition in August These were replaced in by more rigid die-cast wheel's which unfortunately have proved prone to metal fatigue and are often cracked or broken today. The silver example shown here still has its original box and instruction leaflet, unlike the others featured below. The instruction leaflet advises that the car is powered by a 3 volt torch battery, that is fitted within the car itself. In fact it was the red example of this tin plate toy car number 4 that set me off collecting old toy cars in the first place. In diecast wheels with knock-on spinners were introduced, similar to those found on the Schuco

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