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    I am looking but otherwise well. Two lines hello, on Natural 2,Sim captured his interactions with a failed female colleague. I'm twenty years old and she is my first stepped midtown.

    On February 21he masturbated to a photograph of his female Seprm, and collected the semen in a small bottle. He recorded rdink doing this on his handphone. He then returned to his office and waited for her to leave her desk temporarily. When she did, Sim mixed his semen with the drinking water in her water bottle. He also recorded this. As the water bottle was tinted red the victim did not realised the water was no longer clear.

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    Sim then struck up a conversation with the victim when she returned to her desk and secretly recorded her drinking the tainted water. Two months later, on April 2,Sim repeated his actions with a second female colleague. This time, instead of pouring the semen into her water bottle, he poured it into her bottle of green tea. As the bottle was wrapped in plastic, the victim did not realize the difference. Again Sim, struck up a conversation with his victim while he recorded her drinking the water mixed with his semen. Sim saved these videos on his personal computer at home.

    These videos and more were discovered in a police raid conducted in when a third female colleague Sperm drink forum him to the authorities after she caught him taking up-skirt photos of her. The police raid also revealed that Sim had taken videos of four of his colleagues and had organized the videos on his personal computer into separate folders named after each victim. How he was discovered On September 10,Sim approached a Sperm drink forum at her desk and asked her to pass him a stack of documents. Keep the penis well lubricated with the massage oil. Gradually increase the intensity of masturbation leading up to ejaculation but don't race, keep taking time to appreciate the sensations.

    This exercise should be repeated many times. Two or three times each day do these very simple exercises. Whist standing, imaging you are passing urine and contract those muscles that will stop the flow of urine. It is Sperm drink forum helpful to try this at first whilst you are actually passing urine so that you can identify the muscles to contract Rhythmically contract and relax these muscles ten times in rapid succession. Then contract the muscles and hold the contraction for 15 seconds, relax for 15 seconds and then Sperm drink forum for ten times.

    The combination of the these two procedures should overcome your problem. If you do not recover your orgasmic sensation or you develop other symptoms such as tingling sensations or weakness in any part of the body, get checked out by your doctor. Lack of orgasm Q. I am a 22 year old male whom has a problem with lack of orgasm. I am sexually active and have been for a number of years. I have no medical problems and am not taking any types of medication. I am not diabetic, have normal blood pressure and have no loss of erection. I am able to ejaculate no problems with premature ejac. I get the initial enjoyment, feel my body enjoying the sensations but as I reach ejaculation, any feeling disappear.

    The only problem I can think of is having a high sex drive, just lack of orgasm that should Sperm drink forum it. I know there is female anorgasmia but with males with no psychological problems, what is the matter? I did used to have orgasm when I first discovered masturbation, but after a year the feelings went, and I have experienced no orgasm since with either partners or solo. No climax with orgasm Q. I am 52 and have a reasonable sex life. However, over the past two years, when I ejaculate I do not feel the 'climax' that used to come with the orgasm. I just get a release of sperm, with no real feeling. Is this a sign of old age or something else? Leave age out of it, especially as I am the same generation as yourself!

    Similarly, if you can attain an erection and ejaculate, the bits and pieces are in perfect working order. Without doubt, many of the pleasures which epitomise youth fade a little with familiarity. Experiencing something for the first time is always different from the th but even so there can be ways of maintaining pleasure. Just as food is enjoyed more after a period of anticipation, merely thinking about food during increasing hunger makes the difference between eating for pleasure and consuming for survival.

    Taking time over the preparation also helps boost the anticipation. Finally, an aperitif can do just the trick and whether it is the first or th dish you still enjoy it. The message basically is this: Avoid familiarity, introduce spontaneity into love making. Link it with something else that whets the palate. An erotic book or video. Romance is still there, a nice meal, wine with no interruptions switch the phone off, send the kids to a neighbour for the night. You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but you can still be a dirty dog and enjoy it.

    Sperm clear not creamy Q. It is a bit embarassing but think I may have a problem with my sperm. Me and my partner have notice that my sperm is very clear instead of a creamy looking. Is there anything to worry about as far as sperm levels are concerned? I know this is silly question but I really concerned that it may mean something more serious. Simply looking at semen with the naked eye can give no clue to the number of sperm it contains not least because the vast bulk of it is water, sugar and acid neutralising substances. Only a tiny fraction is made up from sperm itself. Had your semen contained pus or blood it would have been a different matter.

    If you are trying for children without success, it would be worth talking to your family planning clinic. Most clinics will not consider referral for specialist attention until you have been trying for at least a year, possibly two. When I have sex I feel that I get all the feelings of ejaculating but no semen comes out. I am diabetic but otherwise well. How can I overcome this problem? It sounds as if you have retrograde ejaculation. When men ejaculate normally a valve at the base of the bladder closes to stop the semen passing back into the bladder.

    When this valve is damaged or not working properly, semen will pass into the bladder during ejaculation instead of being propelled through the urethra water tube to the outside world. Semen can sometimes be seen in the urine following retrograde ejaculation. Diabetes is one of the conditions in which the valve sometimes does not close properly due to damage to the nerves that control it. The problem may also occur in men who have had surgery on their prostate gland or bladder neck, or when the nerves have been damaged through injuries affecting the pelvic organs. It can also occur as a side effect of some drugs. There is no way to overcome this problem although a few sufferers can be helped by taking a drug such as ephedrine before having sex.

    You should discuss this with your doctor first as not everyone can take this type of drug as it can have side effects. If you are wanting to father a baby, then there are procedures a specialist can do to obtain semen from you which can then be used to artificially inseminate your partner. For the past few months ejaculation has been painful. The pain is severe. It starts at the tip of my penis and travels back to my balls. It lasts about an hour after ejaculation and is causing me to have less sex now than I would like, just to avoid he pain. What do you think is the cause and what can I do about it?

    The first step is to rule out a physical cause such as inflammation of the prostate gland or other glands and organs involved in reproduction which can cause painful ejaculation. It is therefore important to consult your doctor or attend the genito-urinary medicine clinic at your local hospital. You do not need a letter from your own doctor to attend the GUM clinic. At the clinic you will be examined and possibly have some tests eg blood and urine tests carried out. There are no tests for this. Anxiety appears to increase spasm in these tubes and if when you set out to have sex you worry that it will cause pain, then the worry will make it worse.

    The first step in overcoming the problem is to try to stop worrying about it. The next thing is to do is to masturbate yourself in a warm bath having relaxed in the bath for a while first. The theory behind this is that the warmth of the bath relaxes the body and reduces spasm in the tubes. If you find you can ejaculate in the bath with little or no pain, then repeat the process on about six different days before trying to ejaculate during intercourse or with your partner. If you find this not very helpful, then again discuss the problem with your doctor who may prescribe a mild tranquilliser such as diazepam Valium to take about an hour before you masturbate in the bath.

    These drugs relax the type of muscle that forms the walls of the tubes that go in to spasm and therefore may help to overcome the problem. Brown coloured stuff in semen Q. I recently masterbbated and when i ejaculated there was some brown colored stuff in with my semen. Is there some thing wrong or does this happen occasionally?

    The colour of semen does change as does its texture. Generally speaking however it should be pearly white not dissimilar to raw egg white. Old blood turns brown and you may have suffered from a blow to the testicles earlier on. Badly designed bicycle saddles on mountain bikes are a prime suspect. You could also have suffered an infection which can cause slight bleeding into the semen. Prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate or an enlarged prostate can also bleed although the blood is generally red in colour. Finally testicular cancer can make its presence felt in this way so it makes sense to get it checked by your own doctor sooner rather than later.

    Semen with odour Q. My semen has an unpleasant odour and my wife says she discharges it for days after we've had sex. Although this sounds terrible it is probably very simple in cause and as equally simple in treatment. Semen does carry a smell of its own. Not as strong as the vaginal smell which is often confused with the smell of semen. This smell gets stronger on the male penis unless washed soon after intercourse. It can also linger on underpants and trousers. Thrush, a yeast infection, will produce a very strong smell on the penis without any semen being present, especially in uncircumcised men.

    The mottled helmet along with an itchiness are the big give away. Sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia will also produce a smell. You should get this checked out at your local GUM clinic not least because Chlamydia can cause infertility, ectopic pregnancy and can even be fatal to your female partner.

    Find your nearest clinic at: Concern about Speem of semen Q. I have noticed my semen seems to be congealed. It looks a little like jelly. Should I be concerned about this? Semen foruj funny stuff. Ask the producer of 'Something about Mary'. Most people are not aware that the sperm makes up a tiny percentage of the total fluid. All the dronk comes from fforum such as the prostate to protect the sperm from the acid environment of the vagina and supply food for the journey. Anything which affects these glands will also fforum the appearance foru function of the semen. Generally speaking most men are also unaware that most of it is protein a bit like raw egg white.

    When it hits the acid environment of the vagina it coagulates a bit like egg white. It becomes very sticky and attaches itself to the cervix the opening of the womb like a drknk limpet mine allowing the sperm to swim on through. If you examine your semen on dfink hand after masturbating its appearance dfink depend on what is on your hands at the dronk. So will the toilet bowel, so will fkrum dishcloth forumm piece of bog roll. This reaction takes place very quickly so if you have just passed urine it drin leave enough corum in the urethra to cause the semen to coagulate. It is just as potent.

    If there is any blood in the semen, if it smells badly or there is also pus you should see your GP or GUM clinic. For your nearest GUM checkout: Husband sometimes doesn't produce much semen Q. This may sound crazy, but sometimes when my husband and I have sex, there's not very much semen Firstly stop beating yourself that this could be him cheating on you. There are enough reasons for wrecking a perfectly good relationship without adding in myths as well. The amount of semen produced is relative and has no connection with the amount of sperm from the testes which is more or less constant.

    Yes, the amount of semen in each ejaculation decreases when they are close together. The prostate gland which produces most of the semen as distinct from the sperm can only produce so much, but recovers after a day or so. It is also worth remembering that men in close relationships still masturbate. Some experts say even more than men who are not in a steady relationship. This is no reflection or comment on the intensity or love within the relationship. In fact, the stronger the attraction the more masturbation appears to take place. The fact that he is able to make love and climax is in itself a good sign not least of his attraction towards you.

    Question about semen Q. I usually masturbate in the bathroom and I ejaculate into the toilet seat. The semen that's on my penis head is white, but as soon as I notice the ones that are on the toilet seat, it carries some yellow with it. The yellow is similar to that of the urine. Is this a serious problem? Like to know asap. The only person who needs to worry is the next user of the toilet. All gentlemen raise the seat. Semen is ma