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    The 15 Minute Female Orgasm & The Path To Self-Improvement

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    Thanks to Viagra for men and hormone replacement therapy for women, we can all get our freak on like 20 year olds no matter femal age. Thanks to the cult of Youth and Beauty, we all believe that we should look like twenty-year olds no matter our age. Talk about your, sad and unrealistic expectations. Women, more than men internalize these expectations, and the result is fear of being naked in front of her man. If there was ever a time for getting better at expressing your sexuality, this is it.

    Now that the sexual urgency of youth is dissipating, intimacy can flower to its fullest. Adding a sexual skill that shows your woman, how much you care for and accept her can only improve the relationship. As this post shows, intimacy or the lack thereof is a source of concern for many women. Here's how to get it February 12, Is the minute-long female orgasm actually achievable? You're probably raising your eyebrows right now -- either in skepticism or interest -- but hear us out! Author Timothy Ferris, with the help of sex experts, claims to have unlocked the secrets to the long female orgasm.

    In his book, The 4-Hour Body, he shares tips that helped him give his partner two extended orgasms, plus a minute orgasm!

    Female technique min 15 orgasm

    Let's break it down based techjique an article by Women's Health. Do a test run It's important to locate your wife's clitoris, G-spot, or any area that requires stimulation in order to climax. Try touching first, keeping in mind that you must be concentrated per cent throughout the process. This includes women who will tdchnique for insertion or penetration. Do not oblige them until the 15 minutes are up. Sex is fine afterward, but not until the session is finished. She might beg in the moment, but she will thank you later for holding off. Asking questions is encouraged, but use directional questions instead: I consciously focused on a light touch when practicing the Doing Method for the first time, and I assumed it was light enough.

    I was using at least three times too much pressure. Insert the middle finger of the nonstroking hand, palm up, and use a come-hither motion to stimulate the g-spot. I suppose it's a pretty sad indictment of most pop culture that you get points for not just wanting the girl but also for wanting her to have fun, but there it is.

    Try con first, oorgasm in january that you must be affected per cent throughout the rescue. Effort the entertaining quadrant and anchoring: I can take the pros now from escapades, just as the girls I spoke to had much reactions.

    Really, reading magazines like Maxim you get the impression that not only does your average guy not know what to mon to make women happy and sexually satisfied, he doesn't really care either. So points to Ferriss for that. And, I would say, further, points for the way he goes about finding out his answers. I said that he's experimental and obsessive. Basically he goes and talks to a whole bunch of female experts on female orgasm to find out what exactly is needed to get a girl off, and then he practices. Because he's curious, he's willing to go to the ends of the earth to ask informed people what the answers to his questions are.

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