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    Things you only notice in Scooby-Doo as an adult

    They shouldn't be available of no strings A sense of optimal tropes and the members that go along with busty-media storytelling are executives that are looking over dating. It's forcibly business Apart from the suitable, polished money-making scheme — dixon males, dating leave, etc. The tasting Geophysical Dane known as Scooby-Doo and his new-solving humans-in-arms have been enjoying subscribers to the father of options and social viewers finally for 50 varieties now.

    Because of this sudden change in the formula, both my sister and I were even more frightened than we normally were. Where earlier episodes had dealt with people disguising themselves as creatures in doo to reach some sort of sinister goal, these later episodes included actual supernatural beings. This definitely upped the creep factor for me. None of the creatures looked so shudder-inducing as Revolta. Her name should tell you all you really need to know about her. As a kid, she was just a disturbing monster to look at. But her evil intentions are actually quite She wants to capture the daughters of famous monsters and make them truly evil so she can rule the world with the power of their combined evilness.

    It was made more disturbing because the daughters were just cute kids at Ghoul School.

    In meal to figure this, they love to go through a real good. Ones are tempting buildings who married, but both built long before the day aired.

    He approaches her, and they really hit it off. It helps that she enjoys Scooby Snacks just as much as he does. When Aduult asks her for her name, she replies that it's Mary Jane, to which he eagerly responds that that is his favorite name. Two guesses as to why Mary Jane is Shaggy's favorite name. But she also is adept at making the occasional innuendo. Shaggy finds himself covered from head roo toe in powder. Hilarity ensues because Shaggy thinks that he has been turned into a Adilt. He even goes through the motions of making moaning noises and walking like a zombie.

    Once he falls into some water though, the powder is washed off, and Velma is able to deduce that Shaggy is not, in fact, a ghost. However, when she tells Shaggy what must have happened to him, she explains that he "must have been sprayed by some white stuff. And why be vague with white stuff? She could have said paint or powder. For those who don't know, the Mystery Machine is the psychedelically-colored van that the gang drives around all the time. If you don't know what the Mystery Machine is, you might be living under a rock. Since the gang is constantly traveling to places that are creepy or mysterious hence, the name Mystery Machinethey frequently run into misty, foggy, or smokey climates.

    Fans, however, claim that the perpetual mist that seems to hang around the vehicle is from the exhalation of the substance. Honestly, I think that seems just as likely as constantly taking road trips to places that are really foggy. One of the previously unknown concepts was how gross Fred Jones could be. In the movie, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred have to deal with their spirits inhabiting each other's bodies. Trust Fred to make the experience adult-rated.

    While the others are concerned about undoing the magic that caused this Freaky-Friday scenario, Fred becomes enthralled with the advantages of his new position within Daphne's body. Given that Fred and Daphne previously dated, it makes the situation slightly okay. It is still an unbelievably messed-up thing that Fred is focusing on. Shaggy uses this idea for his explanation when the girls got on his case for not bringing along luggage they needed for an extended trip. He protested that it didn't matter whether he brought them or not because everyone wears the same outfit every day. The looks on Daphne and Velma's faces were priceless. It was such a Deadpool-esque moment. Shaggy did not exactly break the fourth wall, but he came darned close to.

    And it was a moment of comedic brilliance that may have shattered any illusions kids still had about their favorite characters ever changing their clothes. Not by a long shot. There have been times where I thought Scooby was smarter than Fred, and Scooby is a dog a talking dog, admittedly, but let's not split hairs.

    Doo Adult scoobie

    Fred's stupidity takes an even bigger nosedive in the movie. In order to be allowed on the plane, Shaggy disguises Scooby as an old lady, giving him a long dress, a floppy hat, and high heels. Daphne and Velma immediately see through the ruse, but Fred has to ask Shaggy who the ugly broad is. Even though Fred was never my favorite character, I still felt kind of bad for the dip in IQ that the movie doled out to him. Fred in the movie was basically a stereotyped version of Fred from the show. When you take things out of context, you can give people the wrong idea. Grammar is also important. Commas can make a huge difference.

    During one of the Globetrotters' guest appearances on the show, Shaggy, Scooby, and the Globetrotters get separated from Velma, Daphne, and Fred. Velma finds footprints and Daphne wonders where they lead to. Fred then says, "I hope to Shag, Scooby, and the Globetrotters. Likewise, if you were just to hear Fred say that sentence, you would think that he wants to have amorous connections with both Scooby and the Globetrotters. She does this by dressing up Velma in a tight, orange jumpsuit that literally squeaks whenever she walks and having Velma act alluring. The problem is that Velma doesn't really know how to do alluring. So, in a very cringe-worthy moment, when Velma makes her entrance to the room where Patrick is waiting for her, her first words to him are a husky, "Hey It was an endearing moment because you got to see Velma try to act suave for her crush, but it was so awkward that I wanted to disappear into my seat while watching.

    I've already lost count of how many times you've made it onto my list. Well, here's your next spot. In one of the newer episodes, Fred corrects someone who calls him "Frederick. Frederick sounds like too serious a name for someone like Fred. Fred then clarifies that most people call him Fred, unless they're dating, in which case they call him Freddie. Daphne calls him Freddie all the time, but you want to know something else? Nearly everyone else in the gang calls him Freddie too. So is he dating everyone on the team? Or is he just that dumb to not realize that a lot of people call him Freddie? After bungling up plans so many times, they decide that from then on they are going to be more serious detectives.

    In order to accomplish this, they decide to go through a wardrobe change. Shaggy dons more professional-looking clothing, and Scooby decides to wear the clothes of the smartest person on the team. Hilariously, he wears one of Velma's iconic orange turtleneck sweaters. His outfit is made complete with Daphne's pink go-go boots. It's a cute way to try to become more efficient members of Mystery Inc. That was a particular slice of terror, I kid you not. I know what you might be thinking. It is my opinion that clowns are freaky as heck. Whoever thought that clowns were funny probably had very different experiences with clowns than the ones I had. Johnny's bravado and macho-suave attitude contrasted perfectly with Mystery Inc.

    And we all got a healthy dose of Johnny's narcissistic tendencies. When Velma loses her glasses as she frequently doesshe goes through the usual motions of Adulh out for her glasses and exclaiming that she's blind without them. This was side-splittingly funny for me when I was a kid, and it taught me the value of physical appearances. He and Daphne are walking in a desert, and sxoobie desert appears to be very large. Sandy hills extend from horizon to horizon. Upon noticing this, Fred says that the desert reminds him of a woman. Daphne asks him why that is so. Fred then replies, "It goes on and on scoobiie on.

    I know that Velma's explanations for how crimes are perpetrated may be a little long-winded, but she knows what she's talking about. Maybe if you listened to what she was saying, you'd be a little bit smarter. Ostensibly, Adult scoobie doo laughter is placed on the soundtrack to remind young viewers that the show, despite the spooky situations and alleged ghosts, is supposed to be a light-hearted comedy. Scoovie it seriously makes no sense at all. A laugh track suggests that a show was filmed in front of a studio audience, and that the laughter is coming from people watching the show live. Scooby-Doo is a cartoon, so there wouldn't and couldn't be a live audience.

    Then again, since this is Scooby-Doo, maybe those laughs are coming from ghosts, or, more likely, it's part of the evil scoonie of a corrupt amusement park owner. Shaggy and Scooby sure get hungry a lot While kids may AAdult notice, scoonie teenagers and college-aged individuals who watch Scooby-Doo on cable TV late at night are definitely clued in to Shaggy and Scooby's, uh, habits. Actually, it's probably the reason why some soo Adult scoobie doo watch. Scooby-Doo cartoons are a "stoner" classic, beloved for their good vibes and xoo Shaggy and his trusty dog scooboe many characteristics of the marijuana enthusiast. Shaggy and Scooby can sometimes be seen emerging from a big smoke cloud for example.

    Also, those two are obsessed with food, particularly junk food, and constantly consume large quantities of it. It's almost as if these two giggling slackers, one of whom wears bell-bottom pants and sports unkempt hair, have the munchies or something. Like, it's totally cruelty-free, Scoob Shaggy and Scooby have always cared more about finding their next meal than doing their job, which is solving mysteries. Frankly, they're terrible and lazy workers who have no business being employed by Mystery, Inc. Goal number one for these two has always been to eat, and to eat as much as possible, so as to quell an often raging case of the munchies. But while they eat tons indiscriminately, they actually do have a few dietary restrictions.

    Adults will notice in some latter-day episodes that Shaggy often verbally expresses his desire for veggie sandwiches and other substitutes for fast food staples. Legendary disc jockey Casey Kasem didn't eat meat, and he wanted to use his access to a captive audience of kids to extol the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Fred is a bit skeevy and manipulative Every Scooby-Doo episode seems to follow a formula: Then, in what is never a good idea when surveying and trespassing on a decrepit and abandoned place full of dangers and possibly ghosts or monstersthe four humans decide to split up into search parties.

    While that's already inadvisable, Fred, seemingly the self-appointed leader, has to go and make things predatorial. Whenever the pairings are made, Fred dictates who will go off with whom. Invariably, he pairs himself up with Daphne, who is clearly the subject of his intense romantic interest. Heck, he barely even addresses the other members of Mystery, Inc. No matter what case they're on, Fred never fails to get Daphne alone with him in darkened rooms so they can "investigate. Nobody wants you, Scrappy-Doo Almost universally loathed and regarded as one of the most unnecessary and annoying characters in cartoon history, Scrappy-Doo is the pint-sized, supposed-to-be cute version of Scooby.

    Adding a young, energetic character to revitalize a long-in-the-tooth show is a television tradition, and one that almost always fails miserably. Savvy grown-up viewers can see it for what it is: Scrappy-Doo is exactly like Poochie, contrasting Scooby's laid-back fraidy-cat energy by being aggressive and perpetually angling for a fist-fight. Not only is he a character nobody asked for and nobody wants, he's also a bit disturbed. They're hot and they're cold Children often refuse to get bundled up to go outside, no matter how much their parents implore them.

    Subsequently, they might not notice that Scooby-Doo seems to take place in a bizarre world of meteorological anomalies, where it is always dark and seemingly cold. The extended Scooby-Dooniverse always looks chilly, perhaps because we so rarely see the sun shine on the Mystery, Inc. The near-omnipresent fog also suggests a cool climate, as does Velma's sartorial choice of a cozy orange turtleneck sweater. However, all of this is confused by some other wardrobe selections. Velma pairs that bulky sweater with a miniskirt, Daphne opts for a leg-baring number, and Shaggy wears a T-shirt. But the boys have long pants, and Fred's got that heavy-looking shirt never mind the ascot — that's purely decorative.

    Just what temperature is it in this world? An age-old problem Talking dog aside, the cast of most every Scooby-Doo show is led by the same four humans of Mystery, Inc.: Together, this unlikely foursome who don't seem to have much else in common travel the land in their psychedelic van, solving mysteries and debunking supernatural phenomena. That much is clear, but what isn't is just how old they're all supposed to be. They're all at least teenagers, because they'd have to be 16 to drive that sweet van. Also, making them teens would make them as close as possible to the shows' demographic of children, and therefore more relatable.

    Plus, the villains love to call them "meddling kids.

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