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    Should I Stop My Baby from Thumb Sucking?

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    It also becomes easier when the child realises that they want to stop sucking their thumb. Here are some strategies for helping your child to stop thumb sucking: Remind your child regularly to take their thumb out of their mouth, and when they do, offer hugs and praise. You may also like to create a private signal if you are with other people, to prevent your child being embarrassed about the reminder. Record their thumb sucking on a calendar, with rewards or stickers when they reduce or stop the behaviour. At night, dress your child in a large pyjama top with the arm ends sewn up, or use gloves, mittens or a thumb guard as a barrier.

    Sucking From thumb

    Look for what is triggering the thumb sucking. Preventive Therapy and Appliance Therapy. Some suggests positive reinforcements or calendar rewards to be given to encourage the child to stop sucking their thumb. The American Dental Association recommends: Praise children for not sucking, instead of scolding them when they do.

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    If a child is sucking their thumb when feeling insecure or needing comfort, focus instead on correcting the cause of the anxiety and provide thubm to your child. If children are still sucking their dummy, thumb or finger when their adult teeth come through there is a much higher risk of permanent changes to the growth of their teeth and jaw. Problems caused by thumb or finger sucking Long-time thumb sucking may lead to: With teeth together you would expect top and bottom teeth to overlap a little bit. If there is a gap between them where the tongue could poke through, this could be an open bite a lisp — pre-school children who suck their fingers and thumbs can push their teeth out of their normal position.

    This interferes with the correct formation of certain speech sounds, such as the pronunciation of s and z.

    Sufking expensive are several brands of gloves and cloth finger covers such as the ThumbBuster. Mitten Sleeves are a brand of half-shirt that has long sleeves with mittens tjumb. These products allow kids to be more active with their hands. Most are easily removed, which is why they seem to be less effective. A safety pin over the velcro closure can make them harder to get off. Ace bandage to the elbow: An ace bandage wrapped at the elbow can make it less comfortable for a child to bend the elbow enough to get fingers in the mouth.

    Twisting the ace wrap a few times in the crook of the elbow helps bunch up the fabric there, making it even less comfortable to bend. The ace wrap keeps hands unobstructed and is less annoying than gloves or hand covers. We successfully used an ace wrap together with bad-tasting nail polish.

    The ace wrap helped remind our daughter not sycking get the yucky nail polish in her mouth. Without the ace wrap, she had too many nail thhmb crying episodes. It does take a few tries to learn tbumb to wrap the elbow just right, and kids can get them off easily. It may help to safety pin the ace bandage to make it harder to remove. This device is basically an improvement on the ace bandage. It prevents the elbow from bending enough to get the fingers or thumb in the mouth. It is easier to put on and harder to get off than an ace wrap. Get all childcare providers on the same page about the plan, and be persistent. If everything fails and your child is struggling with speech or dental issues, it may be time for an orthodontic device such as a palatal crib or cage.

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