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    Your Guide to Urinary Incontinence After Childbirth

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    They are peeing a lot because they're drinking a lot. There are other conditions like diabetes where you have a lot of sugar in your blood. Those people actually become dehydrated because when you have to get rid of the sugar, you have to get water out with it so those people pee a lot. So there are a couple of things that are medical that caused frequent urination but those people are peeing in buckets and when you have to get up in the night and you get out of bed and you just pee a little bit, so that's urge incontinence or urgency we call it. There are ways to treat it. Now, there's medicine to treat it but the medicines make a little difference.

    So they did some randomized studies where they looked at medicines that are actually, you see them advertised on the TV. They may decrease the number of urge episodes a day by one or two so you're still left with a moderate amount. You're still pretty much going regularly.

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    And they have side effects of dry eyes and dry mouth, and what do you do when you have a dry mouth? So I think what we usually try to do is help people retrain their pantx. In a quick, minimally invasive procedure, the surgeon inserts a U- shaped, mesh sling that permanently supports the urethra. What kind of treatment you seek depends on whether your activities are disrupted. Consider surgery, Mahajan says, "if you have to wear a pad every day or if you can't live the way you want to. Don't let your bladder rule your life.

    The stitches are then attached to a strong ligament that lies on the pubic bone, thus resupporting the bladder or lifting it back up into a normal position. Collagen Injections These can bulk up and strengthen the tissue around the urethra.

    This procedure is not ideal for young, active womenbecause the collagen eventually dissolves — the results aren't permanent. Topic estrogen products may also help to tone your urethra and vaginal areas. Nerve Stimulation Electrical stimulation of your pelvic muscles may help your regain control of your bladder if your UI is related to nerve impairment. Devices A number of devices are available to treat women with UI. A pessary is the most commonly used device for the treatment of stress incontinence.

    Your doctor may also prescribe a urethral insert, a small disposable device that you can insert into your urethra to plug leakage. Biofeedback You can work with a therapist to better understand how your body works. In biofeedback, a wire is connected to an electrical patch over your bladder and urethral muscles. It sends signals to a monitor, which alerts you when your muscles are contracting.

    Devices A reform of devices are divided to treat women with UI. As your general levels rose to new throughout and after scheduling, your UI puts may become necessary. And as a big city, Dr.

    By learning when your muscles pant, you may Pfeing able to gain better control over them. Surgery Surgery to repair and lift your bladder into a better position is often the last resort for UI treatment. Women with stress incontinence often have leakage of urine during sexusually at penetration when the penis enters. Genes are now thought to be a very important cause of stress incontinence, which explains why this type of incontinence tends to run in families Obstetrics and Gynecology ; Because of their genes, some women are born with a weak pelvic floor.

    It is probably a weakness of collagen, the tiny strengthening fibers of muscles. Being overweight is a major cause of incontinence. It puts stress on the pelvic floor muscles, so if you are obese you double the chance of pelvic floor weakness New England Journal of Medicine ; 5: Childbirth is probably an important cause of stress incontinence. It differs from stress incontinence involuntary urination caused by weakness of the pelvic floor muscles or urge incontinence urination caused by involuntary contraction of the bladder muscles.

    Urine can become temporarily trapped in this pouch, only to trickle out later. Most women adapt to having a diverticulum and wear a pad to catch moisture. Another option is to have the diverticulum surgically removed. This kind of abnormality is corrected by surgically sealing off the opening. It has a little dip in the middle of it, creating a pool where urine can collect.

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