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    A full model including all predictors and two-way and three-way interactions was tested; non-significant interactions were deleted one at a time starting with three-way interactions. Adolescent sexual behaviors in Mexico may be shaped by specific contexts that transmit different cultural values than those encountered by Mexican-American adolescents.

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    Procedure The principal investigator contacted principals of seven middle schools 4 private and 3 public and one high school in Puebla, one of the largest cities in Mexico. Thus, we examined associations between Latino values and sexual behaviors among adolescents in Mexico. Following this, two Mexican middle school students and a Mexican female school psychologist reviewed the Spanish version to ensure items were age and culturally appropriate. Findings indicate that sexual guilt and importance of female virginity were consistently associated with all sexual behaviors. In the current study, we assessed aspects of marianismo and verguenza relevant for adolescent sexuality e.

    Based on prior research e. All participants completed questionnaires in Spanish.

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    As shown in Table 2getfing middle and high school students reported making out. Some associations differed by gender and school level. As adolescents grow older, engaging in sexual behaviors becomes more normative Gonzalez-Garza et al.

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