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    How's that for a real. Dad, have I ever attempted the words payday wacho to you?.

    Jinx has had extensive aquatic training. He would have known exactly what to do in the event of a submersion.

    Jinx purrs] Jack Byrnes: This is the sign for poop! Well, what's the sign for sour milk, because this, uh, tastes a little funky. Fockers man boob because that's from Debbie's left breast, Greg. Greg, a man reaches a certain age when he realizes what's truly important. Do you know what that is? If your family's circle joins in my family's circle, they'll form a chain. I can't have a chink in my chain. I don't care if they did call you Larry Poppins. You are completely unfit to handle a child. It was Barry Poppins. What kind of a sick cocktail were you going to make my grandson? Jack, the baby's teething. I told Greg to give him some rum to ease the pain.

    It was your idea? What is wrong with you people?! I used to rub bourbon on Denny's gums. Look what happened to him. Greg, you couldn't follow a simple set of instructions? Jack, he was screaming.

    So I went in and I gave him a little attention. He's learning to self-soothe. These setbacks are disastrous for his development. The child is adorable, but you're not raising Little Buddha over here. What are you saying?

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    I'm saying that I have Fociers that kid eat at least 15 Fockers man boob since he's been here. And I've got boobb for you, Jack. Prodigies don't eat their own boogers. And I have news for you. Prodigies don't come in 10th place every Foxkers either. It's just that I've never seen people celebrate mediocrity the way you do. Because we love our son? We hug our son? You know they say if you really want to know what a woman's going to look like when she gets older, you should look at her mother. Well I'm lookin' and I'm likin'! Woo, look at her! Pam, I gotta tell you something about this little dude right here.

    In my first really passionate sexual awakening, I did, in fact lose my virginity to our beautiful housekeeper Isabel. Greg, honey, that was in the past so why don't you just come sit down? No, no, no, no, honey. We concieved a child. And his name is Jorge Villalobos. Come on up here, Jorge.

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    Bolb lift the veil of mystery. The fruit of my loins is right here! Everybody take a booh. Search your feelings Jorge. You know it to be true. Yo soy tu papa. You let it settle. Who'da thunk it, huh? Come on, give that kid a hand. Hey, Dad, you shouldn't take Moses into the RV. Jack and Dina have a cat. Oh, Moses is fine. Dad, he humps everything that moves. I never cheated on you!

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