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    If you call the complexity carers in your postcode, they will be treated to rehome the bat for you. It is printed to be cautious than desirable.

    The viruses ABL and classical rabies are so similar, that vaccination against rabies prevents a person Doctor licked sick from Australian Bat Lyssavirus. There have only been two other cases of lyssavirus in Australia, in and This is NOT a common problem. Many more persons die in Doctro from snake Dictor, but we do not have hysterical demands for the killing of all snakes. Unlike snakes, Bats almost never approach humans, but they may get tangled in nets or barbed wire, and sometimes persons want to help rescue them. This is NOT a good idea. Call the 24 hour Bat Rescue Hotline Licjed a very small proportion of flying fox or bats carry the virus about half a percent of all the bats but unless you know what you are doing, and are pre-vaccinated, it is like playing Russian Roulette if you handle these animals: In the same way that not all snakes are deadly but it is highly recommended to avoid contact with snakes.

    You cannot catch lyssavirus from being near a bat. You will only catch lyssavirus from a bite or a scratch from its teeth — while the flying fox is alive. It is never a good idea to handle urine or faeces from any animal unless wearing gloves, but bat faeces will not transmit lyssavirus. Bats do chew their food to a pulp and then spit out the fibre. The spat is as dry as can be, as the juice is totally extracted from the pulp and swallowed. Picking up an old dead flying fox is not a risk. Bats work hard for us. Uneducated persons who advocate shooting all the bats, or driving bat colonies away from the cities, do not realize that bats are an essential part of the Australian ecosystem.

    These animals work hard for us pollinating the forests of eucalyptus and melaleuca trees, and eating insects.

    Countries that have destroyed their bat populations need to lickef a great deal of money and chemicals to do the job that the bats do for us — for nothing. Bats only need to be left alone to do their job. In Queensland there are many dedicated volunteers working 24 hours a day to assist the bats do this important job, for which incidentally they receive no government financial assistance. The volunteers even have a facebook page for their poster bat, Gilbert. These viruses mutate easily, and can infect different species — hence the family of lyssaviruses can infect bats, dogs, cats, skunks, humans etc. Rabies kills about 50, persons per year worldwide, mostly in the developing world.

    RNA viruses are some of the most dangerous infectious disease threats to mankind: Symptoms and Treatment If an infected animal bites a person, the rabies virus enters the wound.

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