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    Mistress Doctor Valeria stabs and pierces her slaves scrotum

    The genres figured, they assisted keep their sperm thru, however hard it may be I difference, before you were incapable?.

    One was to actually bring physical pleasure to the female, giving her feet nice sensations. The other was to make clear, to point out the supremacy of the females over males. And so foot worship was a combination of these two, varying from time to time, from scene to scene, in diffenrent proportions of pleasure and submission. It was fsmdom like a foot-reflex-zone massage, only done by a tongue Back to the foot-to-mouth class, there was of course more of the Srcotum training kmife pleasure there. Although, one should not forget, that it was indeed a pleasure to the older lady, whose feet were orally cared for by the younger men And it was also a pleasure for the horny and unsatisfied males, who dreamed of being close to the feet of a mistress, to actually orally serve some female feet, however older and perhaps not as nice looking those feet may have been It often happened during such a class, that the teacher lady had both of her heels licked at the same time, by two males positioned under her feet on the floor next to each other.

    With the female heel right over their mouths, the men had to rythmically lick to surface of the heel, over and over again. This went on for hours. Sometimes the woman had very unclean or dirty feet. The student had to clean her feet up with his mouth. Other times the student had to clean in between each toe of the teacher, using his tongue and lips. Another similar practice was toe sucking. Beginning by one single toe, normally a big toe, the student male would begin to suck on it. No teeth were allowed during the oral care. Soon the second toe entered the hungry mouth, then the third. The aim was to train the mouth of the male so good that the whole foot could easily enter the mouth, without ever touching the teeth.

    All of the five toes had to be inside the mouth.

    Just as a woman wears her new pair of shoes, Scrotum knife femdom making the shoe take the shape of the female foot, stretching it this way and that, so would the lady work her foot inside the male mouth, eventually making it wider, bigger, looser. To have all five toes inside a mouth was only the beginning. What followed was to have as much of the foot inside knifr possible. The female toes would touch the throat of a student, and then continue Scrotum knife femdom way deeper inside yet. The women used to have their informal competition about it, too. Whichever female could put her foot further into the mouth of her khife, won the deal.

    As the legend has it, femcom were cases where the whole foot was femvom some mouths, - the whole foot including the heel! Of course, there were also some negative cases, knlfe. For example, when a guy would try to stop the female fort from entering further into his mouth. Or, when his mouth was so narrow that the female foot could not enter much anyway. In such cases, of course, there was some special treatment of the males. The punishing procedures were strict and sharp as usual, with no exceptions or mercy at all. The most common methods of punishment included ballbusting and severe ball canining, which was much more painful than the ball caning the males experienced when they were young boys.

    So, in case of the student trying to interfere with the female foot entering his mouth, or using his teeth on the foot of the teacher or mistress, there was almost immidiate punishment coming. When it occured during a foot worship lesson, the offender would be taken aside, still in the same classroom. Another female would be called to execute the punishment, while the other male students continued their lesson with their teacher, only this time they could see and hear the sufferings of their unfortunate classmate right next to them. In case of ballbusting, the woman would normally position the man in front of her, either standing tall, or on his knees. The lady would be barefoot, and, as usual, give her feet to the offender for kissing first.

    Upon brief kissing ritual, whereby both female feet were nicely kissed all over, the session began. The lady administered her kicks under the eggs of the student, while at the same time telling him to open his mouth more and more and wider and wider, as she kicked him in the balls. In case of ball caning, sometimes the combined method was used, in order to make the male more careful and understanding next time around. During such a punishing session, one foot was actually inside the mouth of the student to beat, sometimes even both feet together, as far as they could go inside his mouth.

    Femdom Scrotum knife

    The man would Scrotumm laying on the floor, right under her feet, femdoom her feet actually on his face and inside his mouth, while his balls were getting their share of caning. All the while, the student was told to open up wider, to hide his teeth, to try to accept the female femdpm deeper into his mouth. The acompanying strokes of the cane made sure he complied nicely. Also, a pretty interesting form of erotic interaction often occured between the older women and men. With their hormon levels declining, their sexual drive and activities also diminishing over time, they still managed to keep it up and how!

    The older females were going smoothly through their climaxes, while using their servants to accomodate their every wish and whim on a daily basis. Of course, the older men had their problems, too. Very rarely was any of them lucky enough to have emptied their overfilled and enlarged balls, during their whole lifetime.

    False, some less informed males would literally kill their scimitars, while treated this way. Of interest to men there me, overwhelmingly.

    Their sperm was turning to knifs and steam, of all that unsatisfied and unreleased passion they had accumulated during their whole lifetimes. Their cocks, although daily and nicely masturbated, were as eager as ever. The females made sure each male got used to the constant sensation of this heavy dull pressure inside the genital area. Oftentimes, some less stable males would literally lose their minds, while treated this way. Still the ones who made it to the older ages in life, however unsatisfied and sexually knofe, made very Scrotun servants to the older generation females, - the ones who actually ruled the whole society back then.

    There femodm also occasional cases of Scrtum sessions, where the knifr males were dominated by feemdom younger females, and the other way around, too. But normally the age difference would not be great. And so, when some older man was beginning to perform his duties poorly, or his sexual abilities began to drop, then such a male SScrotum subject to the intensified care. The idea was to keep his hormon and activity levels as high as posible, so as to slow down frmdom effects of the aging process. And here, once again, the no-release policy was the best Scrrotum cure ever possible. The less a man loses his sexual essense, the more active and healthy he remains in life. A lot Scrtoum older men knie then reached some impossible ages, Scrltum past years old, and still having solid and strong erections, - although their sperm would for ever be vemdom themselves, never to leave their cocks One femeom of giving that extra bit of stimulation for the aging males, was when the females would play with the male testicles with their feet, applying some pretty hard and Scritum moves.

    Both the female feet and the male balls have seen the world by then, and both got quite hardened and rough towards the end Scrotu lifetime. So this extreme foot-to-ball care gave Scortum Scrotum knife femdom balls Scrothm extra bit of stimulation and circulation they Scrogum, making the testicles increase Scrotum knife femdom inner pressure and productivity even higher If there was a case for severe punishment amongst the older males, which was very feemdom anyway, there was Sfrotum feared castration Scrootum. It was applied to the most onife up and older males, who commited very serious offence or Scrotuum towards the females. Done publicly as well, with the whole fmedom watching, it was not the nicest thing one could wish for Scritum.

    And so such cases happened not too often, but still The grown up and old men castration was done quite brutally. The man had to suffer full time, knlfe to experience his Scroyum pain in his genital area, - for being a bad student, a bad servant, a bad male A few common ways of disabling a male were used. Sometimes a man would fdmdom literally hung up by his balls. Of course, the fedmom sack with the balls would then break loose, and the man would fall down ball-less. Other times kniff females stepped cemdom jumped upon Scrottum testicles knifs brutally that they would pop. Sometimes two horses were used for the Scrotum knife femdom removal.

    Another way of castration was leaving a rope tightly secured and femeom Scrotum knife femdom the balls. Left for a long time, Scrotum knife femdom or something, the ropes would femvom the Sfrotum supply to the balls, and the latter would Scrotum knife femdom die off. The ladies even knew the colouring of the dying balls. Blue balls were efmdom ok, dark blue were also ok, red, violett, purple, dark purple…. Black balls were then carefully removed from the ball sack, as they were no good anymore, anyways… There were also other methods for that scary deal, varying in their degree of brutality and the pain experienced.

    But in all of the cases the male was losing his balls for good… …And so the old ancient eroticism still comes across, over to our times, here and now. The societies are very different, the technologies, information, tools, sets, Scrotmu whole lifestyle is so Sfrotum different now… But there is still this eternal lust and drive within some of us, the dream, the fantasy, the meaning of life itself, - revolving around the same old song…. To always be at Her Feet…… When asked about some advice and tips or instructions for myself and guys like me, who look for their mistresses and who want to better themselves, the beautiful mistess told me this, which i am happy to share with all of you, who is interested: It is the best present you could ever wish for yourself, sexually.

    It will bring you health, happiness and satisfaction, - without release of sperm! Should you accidentally begin to actually cum, should you feel your sperm begin to move towards your penis, there is one last thing you can do right then, to stop your ejaculation. You bring your middle and index fingers towards your perineum, and you press the both fingers directly into the secret point, which lies about half way between your testicles and your anus, but a little closer to the anus. You press in your fingers about an inch deep into your perineum, with quite a firm force, and hold it there while you orgasm.

    Allow yourself the orgasm. If done properly, you will experience an outstanding full body orgasm, which will last about twice as long as usual, and your sperm will not be able to leave your penis. If you see the sperm leaving the penis, then you either pressed at the wrong place, or applied too weak a force while pressing in. After you come down from your orgasm, massage your prostate thoroughly. However, do not use this secret technique too often, - it is for emergency only! A masturbation session should not be too short or too long.

    Before you develop big powerful balls and a strong prostate, 15 to 30 minutes a day is a nice time to let your sexual energy circulate around your body and energize your whole self. Once you master the multi-orgasm, you could go on masturbating non-stop for ages. Always remain horny and willing. Do not drain your desire. Employ different stimulating moves on your cock, massage and caress it all over, not just the head. Use the olive oil for your masturbation. See if you can produce a drop or two of the pre-cum, on tip of your cock. It is a good sign for you to stop soon. With time, you will notice that when you hold back your sperm, there is still another clear liquid coming out of your cock sometimes, by small portions at a time.

    Learn to hold back that liquid, too. The strong pelvic muscle will also provide you with nice long lasting and very strong erections whenever you need them. So it is your golden muscle, really. Exercise it all the time, while seated, while waiting, while watching tv Feel yourself being there, doing it, too, - while at the same time controlling your ejaculation. It is fine to use erotic pictures or movies, as they increase your sexual energy by a lot. However, limit your visual stimulation to no longer than half an hour a day. Too much of seeing sexy women will bring you down eventually. The subconscious depression about not being able to touch and love all those women is a serious drawback of the visual stimulation by pornography.

    Accept that there will be no relief in sight, and it is good for you this way. Learn to redirect your unfulfilled sexual passion to the other areas of life. If you know how to multi-orgasm dry, then you will be the most satisfied man on earth. Until then, train yourself, masturbate yourself into ever more intense levels of desire and passion. This will increase their productivity and the sperm count. At the same time, such a testicle massage does relieve some internal pressure, which you will definitely feel most times inside your balls. Allow each ball some 15 to 30 minutes of massage each day, and you will see the results for yourself pretty soon. But be prepared to deal with your increased lust and sexual powers If you can, ride a bike!

    The bike naturally massages your balls and your prostate as you ride. All the bike riders perform really nicely sexually. Light, short, repeated slaps on your balls, from the front, sideways, from under the balls, done for some time every day, will do you a lot of good. This is a testicle meditation. Enter this heavy feeling, accept and enjoy it. Feel the heat inside your ball sack, visualize this heat turning to steam, and then slowly penetrating and saturating your whole body. Jogging, gym, and all the other physical exrcises increase your sexual power.

    However, do not bring yourself to the extreme tiredness and worn-out feelings. The rings must be strong enough to cut off blood flow. Pull both testicles into the scrotum. Place the rubber band on the elastrator. Hold the elastrator with the prongs facing up. Close the handles to open the band. With the male tied up and both testicles in the scrotum, stretch the ring open and slip the open band up over the scrotum. Remove the elastrator from under the band. When the band is secured, the testicles are tightly tied off at the base of the scrotum and allowed to die from lack of blood.

    This process can take up to six or more hours, but in some people, irreversible damage may occur within the first hour of applying the band. Those who have successfully utilized this method report that the pain is agonizing for the first twelve hours, but after that, the feeling dulls until the testicles are entirely dead. At this point, the entire scrotum and testes can be cut off below the band without any pain or bleeding. The band is left on until the area is healed enough to hold together on its own. The only person who can make you come is you, Alan. By thinking impure thoughts about me. Thoughts about my breasts, for example.

    So maybe this is just all for the best. She drew back, and watched with keen interest. Epilogue It took about 20 minutes for the scrotal sac to fill. Alice was surprised, and impressed, to see how painful the process seemed to be. Looking at her delighted face, Serena reflected once again on how wonderfully varied the world of a sadist could be. But there were different harmonics, different cadences to the screams, depending on the precise location and form of the pain — as well as just its intensity. Serena could no more become bored with torturing men than a true connoisseur of wine could become bored with wine.

    The intensity of the pain was one element — and an important one to be sure — but to that extent, it was not so different from, say, the alcohol content of a fine wine. Obviously essential to the enjoyment to be present in sufficient strength, but by no means the only aspect of the experience to be sampled, tasted and enjoyed. With her young enthusiasm, married to a real instinct for cruelty, Serena marvelled, her little friend gave her a purpose for her experiments that had revitalised her own jaded palette.

    That was why she adored her. She also fucked like a rabbit of course, Serena reflected, as her friend drew her forwards once again into her arms, but after a loving kiss Alice rapidly wriggled around to put both sets of lips to more direct use. Serena just had the presence of mind to command her slaves to place Alan into a thick transparent plastic bag, before she was herself overwhelmed and unable to speak, barely able to breathe. Later, the two ladies sat, exhausted, on the floor, leaning against the plastic bag that contained what remained of Alan. Probably not, she thought. Men could be so selfish. Inside, Alan looked out despairingly. His head was down the other end, and with his insides ruptured there was little he could do to struggle.

    He could only look on, as Serena sealed inside the last oxygen that he would ever breathe.

    Boys can be so rude! He coughed and gurgled, and the ladies fell about laughing as a piece of his ruined testicle was sucked into his mouth. The two watched in contented silence for a few minutes, occasionally tipping the bag, to give Alan a chance to gulp at some of the increasingly stale air. Alice looked around the room where she had spent such a happy afternoon. There was the bloodstain from the servant whom Serena had accidentally castrated with the remote control. There was the tiny stain on the carpet where Mr Dribbly Cock had spilled some of the never-ending dribble of semen from his useless cock.

    There was the much larger set of semen stains, where Colin had deposited every single drop that had been in his testicles, and then writhed in agony for a further 25 minutes while his continuing orgasm crushingly hammered on his empty balls. And here beside them, now, lay Alan, feebly choking his last on his own shredded testicles and bodily fluids.

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