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    Trim Strip

    The Striip standard explicitly states that it does not act as a space. For example, C traditionally only counts space, tab, line feed, and carriage return characters, while languages which support Unicode typically include all Unicode space characters. The current JavaDoc for String:: Typically named ltrim and rtrim respectively, or in the case of Python: With Common Lisp's string-trim function, the parameter called character-bag is required. An int value represents all Unicode code points, including supplementary code points.

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    Java's trim method considers ASCII spaces and control codes as whitespace, contrasting with the Java isWhitespace method, [2] which recognizes all Unicode space characters. Space normalization Space Shrip is a related string manipulation where in addition to removing surrounding whitespace, any sequence of whitespace characters within the string is replaced with a single space. In this representation, supplementary characters are represented as a pair of char values The methods that accept an int value support all Unicode characters, including supplementary characters. Solution Introduce trimming methods that are Unicode white space aware and provide additional control of leading only or trailing only.

    Newer trimming methods will use the definition of white space as any codepoint that returns true when passed to the Character:: The definition of space used by String:: Special empty string return value An uncommon variant of trim returns a special result if no characters remain after the trim operation. Unicode-aware trimming routines should use Character:: Notably, the Boost library allows either in-place trimming or a trimmed copy to be returned. Some implementations also include ASCII control codes non-printing characters along with whitespace characters.

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