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    The detention of the vulvar mantel banked a very stratified epithelium reserved on a celebrity propria with many wonderful papillae. The oceanic skin pants: Anatomia comparata dei mammiferi domestici, Splacnologia.

    The knowledge about the reproduction of the frmeninos shows that it is a rodent which keeps in reproductive condition throughout Cliroris year and which reaches sexual maturity towards 6 month of age Baroffio et al. The knowledge of the characteristics of the genital organs facilitates the determination of its variations in different stages of the estrous cycle. The aims of this work was to contribute with a characterisation of the anatomy and histology of the female external genitalia of the Myocastor coypus at sexual maturity. The females were obtained from a breeding farm with corral system and had an average weight of 4. The anatomical description "in situ" included the identification of the organs, the establishment of their relation, the observation of their external conformation, and the determination of their dimensions with a Vernier caliper.

    The position of the urethral orifice was determined with PC40 sondes attached to syringes containing physiological saline solution and fluorescein as indicating dye, generating from the internal urethral orifice a flow from cranial to caudal. Lately, the complete genital organs were removed to observe the organs in isolation, which allowed deepening in the details and the study of the internal conformation. For the histoarchitectural study the organs were fixed in Bouin's fluid, and kept in 70 per cent alcohol.

    Routine techniques were used to process the samples until embedding in paraffin wax. The schemes and the morphological analysis were made with a Wild M3C stereoscopic microscope equipped with drawing femeinos. General view of the external genitalia of Myocastor coypus. The caudal portion of the vagina, at caudal of femennos ischiatic arc, inclined ventrally until its opening in the vulva. Here, a marked inflexion with the bodily axis, at an angle of almost 45 degrees, was observed. In the animals "in vivo", the vulvar orifice was closed and had the shape of a small fissure with numerous converging low folds. The vulvar orifice had a diameter of 0. This orifice related towards ventral with the clitoris and towards dorsal with the anus, being separated from this last by a distance of 0.

    The vulva consisted in a pair of thin folds of limited development. The dorsal commissure appeared rounded, while the ventral one, sharper, was related to the clitoris. This last, partially occluded the vaginal opening at rest. The external vulvar surface, of a greyish colour, showed a cover with long and scarce hairs, while the internal surface was pink and with no hairs.

    The clitoris of the coypu was a prominent conic structure, very developed, 0. The prepuce projected point-first towards ventral, femenknos the Clitrois commissure of the vulva. It had a soft and flexible consistency. Its surface was slightly rugose, with small folds that converged towards a fusiform fissure, located at dorsal of the organ. The external urethral orifice ended at the same level of the clitoris, behind the rudimentary glans. It had the shape of fusiform longitudinal fissure see histoarchitectural description of the clitoris.

    Femeninos Clitoris

    The lining of the vulvar area showed a squamous stratified epithelium resting on a lamina propria with many microscopic papillas. In the lamina propria corresponding Clitoris femeninos the folds of the tegument "vulvar lips" there were Clihoris small glands of sebaceous aspect associated to pilose follicles of small diameter. The glands had secretory ducts lined by stratified epithelium. The glands as well as the pilose follicles were concentrated towards the external surface of the vulvar lips. Between thirty and forty percent of women claim never to have experienced an orgasm through vaginal penetration alone — though many more can orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

    The suggestion that the vaginal orgasm is somehow superior has irked many feminists. So should vaginal orgasms be a rite of passage for all women, or just a privileged few? Is it even possible to have an orgasm in the absence of a clitoris?

    Mum entre la vagina y el ano. They reveal a loud, bulbous structure around 9cm in absolute, which some resembles a wearing.

    Clitofis soon as I touched the cervix, the rats would become rigidly immobile — Barry Komisaruk Barry Komisaruk took the first steps to answering these questions by Clitoriw, while he was studying mating behaviours femeninod rats. Not only that, Clioris during this kind of stimulation, the rats femeninis apparently insensitive to pain. Soon afterwards, he switched his rats for women, and noticed the same thing: Science Photo Library To find out, Ckitoris conducted a study with Beverly Whipple that looked at women with varying degrees of spinal cord injury. They found that even when their injuries blocked the known nerve pathways in the spinal cord from the genitals to the brain, these women could still feel when their vagina and cervix were being touched.

    Some femeninoa experienced orgasm from Cligoris, despite the pudendal nerve — which carries sensations from the clitoris to the brain — being cut. And as for the puzzling fact Citoris vaginal orgasms can Clitorsi pain, the nerves connected to the spinal cord may inhibit the release of the neurotransmitter involved in pain perception. Once signals reach the brain, they could Clitorix Clitoris femeninos the release of neurotransmitters like endorphins that also relieve pain. So if different nerves can carry sensations from different regions of the female genitalia — and both can trigger orgasm — are some regions of the vagina more sensitive than others?

    Where should couples go hunting for the elusive vaginal orgasm? Inhe described an erogenous zone on the anterior, or front wall of the vagina, which correlated with the position of the urethra on the other side of that wall. Subsequent studies revealed a complex of blood vessels, nerve endings and remnants of the female prostate gland in the same area; and suggested that in a minority of women — particularly those with strong pelvic floor muscles — stimulation of this area could trigger powerful orgasms and the release of a small amount of fluid from the urethra that was not urine.

    Word soon began to leak out about this magic button on the front wall of the vagina. Couples invested time, and - often fruitless - effort into finding it. Some feminists, meanwhile, claimed that the publicity surrounding the G-spot was an attempt by men to recoup the importance of vaginal penetration, after the spotlight had shifted to the clitoris during the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s. Getty Images Evidence to support or refute the existence of the G-spot is patchy, and often overhyped. Ultrasound scans revealed a thicker area of tissue in the space between the vagina and the urethra in those that could.

    At the time, Jannini concluded that this might well be evidence for the fabled G-spot. But further studies have prompted a rethink. Los quistes de Bartolino en general no producen dolor a menos que se infecten. En ese caso, puede formarse un absceso. A menudo pueden usarse cremas con esteroides para este fin. Se desconocen las causas exactas del liquen escleroso. La piel de la vulva puede verse delgada, blanquecina y arrugada. Para tratar el liquen escleroso se usan cremas con esteroides. Si bien sus causas no se conocen con certeza, es probable que el liquen plano sea un tras- torno autoinmunitario. El dolor puede presentarse al tocar la zona o sin tocarla.

    Hay dos tipos de vulvodinia: La piel de la vulva en general tiene un aspecto normal. Es posible que deba probar con varios tratamientos.

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