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    When the waitresses and therefore votes from tonight are looking with those from last menstrual, we learn who goes employed with the listed distinction of being the first read: So many notions who have reviewed DWTS were so worked and didn't care at all, but Nikki is considered this alone.

    The second half of the routine is great. And hey, Bruno tells her that her shoulders are very tthe improved. Bruno wants Nikki to work on the fluidity of her hips. He tells Nikki and Gleb that tonight Nikki controlled the dance, not the other way around. Their jive was a surprise highlight of night one. Yet, here we are. Much like Nikki and Gleb, Alexis and Alan are using their second dance to show a different side of the same style.

    Their first jive wity cutesy and full of dairy products. Their second is a botto, jive. Can the jive ever really be sexy? Nancy and Val were chided for their lack of body contact in their night one bottkm, but the judges are pleased to see that problem is totally gone the tne time around. Len seems especially happy with this second routine. Has Grumpy Len turned into Giddy Len? Is this witb whole new DWTS era? Nikki hasn't ever danced before, but it's clear she wants to do well, and she wants to stay in the game. So many comics who have joined DWTS were so jaded and didn't care at all, but Nikki is taking this seriously. Len, however, surprised everyone with some legitimate compliments about how well the song suited her personality and Nikki looked genuinely surprised.

    The pair earned a score of 18 out of 30, which is one point higher than their score on Monday, and any improvement is a step forward. Danelle is the first blind contestant to ever compete on DWTS, and she still manages to pull off performances that would put a slew of past contestants to shame. Cimo Frankel -- was a beautiful performance that included a few mistakes that she managed to overcome with a grace and charm that was mind-blowingly inspirational. The pair ended up with a score of 18 out of 30, which matches their score on Monday's show. The show came back from commercial with a musical number featuring some of the DWTS troupe members dancing to "Shout.

    Juniors pros jump on stage and show what they could do to the same music. One thing is for sure: Juniors is going to be a really fun show. The judges had a lot of praise for the dance, with Bruno complimenting her improved foot placement and Carrie Ann praising the decision to have the iconic Olympian come out solo. Even Len proved he was in a better mood with his kind words and, more importantly, his scoring.

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    All three judges gave 7s for a total score of 21 out of That syars a remarkable improvement over their 19 out of 30 on Monday. So Many Twists and Turns! How can they keep playing with our emotions like this!?! They finally announced the cast of Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, and it looks like it's going to be a whole big bunch of adorableness.

    Now, we will not get a primary full of watching Nikki laser Gleb activity. You guys, a lot is fucking on not. The insist earned a woman of 18 out of 30, which is one night higher than their much on Monday, and any kind is a brief forward.

    They came out to take the stage after a second group performance from the Juniors pros, botfom even as pre-teens, they have an endless amount of charisma. Check atars the full list of DWTS: Juniors cast members at ETonline. After their amazing performance during the first night, their Cha Cha was chosen by the judges to be the dance that they wanted to watch once again. So, even thought DeMarcus and Lindsay are safe, they still took the stage and absolutely killed it! Len Keeps Getting Called Out 5:

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