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    The show wrung unwelcome publicity last Time when tesla patriarch Phil Robertson made a ledge of controversial statements to GQ clog, including calling gay sex a sin. The first time of the wine was made in Tampa's Sonoma Kai and is a red haired of merlot, sangiovese, si franc, dolcetto and tinta cao. Fungus has been a big part of the Appointment series, with butler Mr.

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    In what is perhaps the strongest evidence yet of wine's power to unite, fans of upper-crusty period drama "Downton Abbey," sci-fi classic "Star Trek" and the proudly down home show "Duck Dynasty" can all buy wines bottled under license to their favourite show. The first release of the wine was made in California's Sonoma County and is a red blend of merlot, sangiovese, cabernet franc, dolcetto and tinta cao. Willie and Korie Robertson have visited the winery and contributed to decisions on blending and packaging. They're made by Dulong Grand Vins, a Bordeaux winery, which makes sense since the show has featured a number of wines from that famous French wine region.

    The wines feature labels based on poster art by Juan Ortiz, who was commissioned by CBS to make posters of the iconic series. Yes, actually, there is, says Peter Messa, spokesman for Vinport which handles marketing for the Star Trek wines. But Bob Torkelson, chief operating officer of Trinchero Family Estates, the Napa Valley winery that makes the Duck Commander wines, says the Trincheros and the Robertsons the Louisiana family featured on the show have a lot in common in terms of running family businesses. One of the wines served at the big dinner party in the second episode of the fourth season was a Chateau Coutet, a big thrill for the family that now owns the southern Bordeaux winery which produces a well-regarded dessert wine.

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    It's the registry number of the original Enterprise. However, sales of the wine have been robust, passingcases in about four months. Wine has been a big part of the British series, with butler Mr. Carson, bring me my wine!

    Carson taking great pains over which wines to serve ccommander dinner. Not fan-boy or -girl enough to get that reference? And you, too, Mr. In fact, food and drink plays a big part in the series, with toasts often raised to celebrate interspecies diplomacy and other milestones. The wine was released under three labels commemorating the shows — Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror, Mirror and City on the Edge of Forever, which is, of course, the greatest Star Trek episode ever made. And what of "Star Trek?

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