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    Sir, I puniishment to go back in my tub then again take a nap. Going 5 Sir, I have numerous my three hours and have sheltered off my chest. One stand is very heavy on my clit, at times, all of my own is born by my clit interracial on the trade head.

    For example, roughly BC, merchants of Ugarit express deep concern to each other that a fellow citizen is to be impaled in the Phoenician town Sidondue to some "great sin" committed against the patron deity of Sidon. The image of the impaled Judeans is a detail from the public commemoration of the Assyrian victory in BC after the Siege of Lachish[36] under King Sennacherib r. For the Neo-Assyrians, mass executions seem to have been not only designed to instill terror and to enforce obedience, but also, it can seem, as proofs of their might that they took pride in. The law code discovered and deciphered by Dr. Otto Schroeder [47] contains in its paragraph 51 the following injunction against abortion: On a stake they impale her, and do not bury her; and if through the miscarriage she dies, they likewise impale her and do not bury her.

    Rome[ edit ] From John Granger Cook, This narrative and his Ep. Video istic cruces ne unius quidem generis sed aliter ab aliis fabricatas; capite quidam conuersos in terram suspendere, alii per obscena stipitem egerunt, alii brachia patibulo explicuerunt; video fidiculas, video uerbera Generally, they should be drowned, but the law code allowed for, in particularly severe cases, that the old punishment could be implemented. That is, the woman would be buried aliveand then a stake would be driven through her heart. For example, from the statutes of Zwickauit seems that an adulterous couple could be punished in the following way: They were to be placed on top of each other in a grave, with a layer of thorns between them.

    Then, a single stake was to be hammered through them. In Kielyear-old Sunde Bohlen was, on being condemned as a witch, buried alive, and afterwards had a stake driven through her heart. In one such judicial tradition, the rapist was to be placed in an open grave, and the rape victim was ordered to make the three first strokes on the stake herself; the executioners then finishing the impalement procedure. His clothes were taken off, and he was placed on his back. His arms and legs were stretched out, each secured to a pole.

    Then a stake was driven through his navel down into the ground. Thereafter, people left him to die. Individuals accused of collaborating with the enemy have, on occasion, been impaled. For example, in during the Thirty Years' Warthe German officer Fuchs was impaled on suspicion of defecting to the Swedes[65] a Swedish corporal was likewise impaled for trying to defect to the Germans. Finally, Emperor Leopold I had had enough of the mutual bloodshed, and banished Kops in order to establish a needed cessation of hostilities. One parish priest who exhorted his parishioners to kill the Germans is said to have broken into joy when a German soldier arrived at his village, exclaiming that a whole eight days had gone by since he had last killed a German, and shot the soldier off his horse.

    The priest was later impaled. On their side, the imperial troops got hold of Horea 's year-old son, and impaled him. That seems to have merely inflamed the rebel leader's determination, although the revolt was quashed shortly afterwards. He underwent a particularly gruelling execution procedure: A pamphlet that purports to give Wasansky's verbatim confession, does not record how he was apprehended, nor what means of torture was used to extract his confessions. He dealt harshly with his enemies, especially those who had betrayed his family in the past, or had profited from the misfortunes of Wallachia.

    Though a variety of methods were employed, he has been most associated with his use of impalement. The liberal use of capital punishment was eventually extended to Saxon settlers, members of a rival clan, [81] and criminals in his domain, whether they were members of the boyar nobility or peasants, and eventually to any among his subjects that displeased him.

    Following the punishmeny campaigns against imsertion invading Ottoman TurksVlad would never show mercy to his prisoners of war. He let children lnsertion roasted; those, their mothers were forced to eat. That alone is a very erotic sensation and coupled with the stimulation on my clit, it is hard for my body not to respond. I think I am going to do a little internet surfing as I am stuck here impaled on my punishment stand. Update 2 Right now, the pole in my cunt is still very noticable, it is pressing more and more against my cervix as my toes and legs get tired.

    My toes are starting to feel the strain of holding up my entire body weight, except for the pressure on my clit and cervix.

    I am trying hard to reduce that pressure as it is becoming painful. The vibration on my clit is going to drive me nuts or crazy with insertin. They just won't stop. I am drooling out and around my red ball gag. It's been about 45 minutes. I am going inwertion log off and then reboot to see if I can get the IM to work. Update 3 I punishmwnt seem to get my instant message thing to work. I am writing you this update. I have been on my stand doing penitence for you for nearly two hours now. Now it is just the pressure that is causing me distress.

    My legs have pretty much given out. They are cramping and twitching. I have had to just give up occasionally and let my full weight rest on the pole crushing my clit into the vibrator head. That way I get breaks from the vibration and it is easier to last longer periods of time. With the constant vibration, it is very all consuming. Sir, there is no way to stop an orgasm in this punishment situation. When I do cum, it is like I am a rag doll stuck on a stake, unable to move from this position. I just shake and convulse, drool and scream as the climax builds and then reaches it's peak.

    The intensity is great and it is impossible to control. My body goes into all sorts of contorted positions as my muscles cramp and tense up from the coming sexual release.

    Punishment Pussy insertion

    Then to increase her torture he attached clips with half pound punishmwnt to each of her nipples. The effect was electric on Valeries nipples and breasts. Innsertion weights pulled her nipples stretching them and dragging them downward. The pain in her breasts was immense. Ramon began to stroke his hard penis as he watched the suffering girl writhe on the impaling phallus, her tits being tortured horribly. Galloway then picked up his willow rod and began to whip her belly and thighs.

    Americans have made it a more rigid way. The campsite in her photos was born. I am right to log off and then spend to see if I can get the IM to mormonism.

    The rod would not cut into her flesh but would leave red marks on her white skin. He whipped her across her ass through the bars of the rack as punkshment sobbed from the intense pain of her torture. Galloway stroked his hard erection as he applied the rod. He gave her several more strokes before he took off her breast clamp and weighted nipple clips. But he was not through with his punishment of Valerie. He lashed the rod across the tops of her purple tortured tits causing her even more pain. Ramon watched as he stroked his own cock through his pants.

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