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    Party Table Decorating Ideas: How to Make it Pop!

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    View in gallery This is a fabulous idea for namecards at a dinner party or dessert options on a dessert table…or, really, any party table where something needs labeling. Guests will love looking over the photos of the birthday girl or boy, plus they could be put into a photo album at the end of the party and be a gift in and of themselves. View in gallery Lay the foundation for your birthday party refreshment table with plenty of photographs. A sophisticated cake with festive candles and Champagne say that this is no kids' party.

    Form and function is always a win-win. Fashion them from wire, glitter, or wax, and hang them on a wall, prop them up on a table, or set them on a cake. And bring a festive flourish to silver candles with flower-shaped bases. You can transform a space in an instant with a bunch of giant paper globesstarburstsand medallions. Simply Sweet Party Table. Swipe here for next slide 6 of 10 Bargain Birthday Party We love turning bargain basics and cheerful party supplies into fun decorations, from party blowers to confetti. With the holidays behind us, many of us need something to look forward to and celebrate. For the votive candle, wrap a glass holder in copper or silver metal tape.

    View in gallery To honor a special graduate, consider decking out the party table with school colors. This simple strategy is a divine way to display the goodies — classy, straightforward, and utterly delicious.

    Decorations birthdays Table adult

    How to Make it Pop! Here are some inspiring twists on a party table, and how to do it right. For this invitation, fill a glassine envelope with tissue-paper confetti and the party specifics, printed and cut into strips. View in gallery Green can be a tricky color to incorporate into a party table in a natural way. You'll be amazed at how seamlessly they all fit together, as these blues do.

    Over the Top Party Table. Whatever your excuse for festivities, the party table you create will go a long way to amping up the overall success of the party itself. They'll make for a red-letter day or pink or gold or green.

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