• Vintage coal furnace

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    Coal Furnaces

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    Coal furnace converted to oil burning. This was formerly the ash pit. History — Environment — Economy Feed door open showing fire pit and bricks heating.

    Furnace Vintage coal

    Thankfully the owners at the time were historically minded and kept all the coal burning parts when removed for oil furace. Stoking the fire, removing Vibtage etc. Today several ducts can branch off one duct. Coal furnace operating instructions. White painted asbestos insulated arms supply heat. Coal was delivered into a nearby basement window. It is possible the future owners may be shallow minded and think I was crazy for saving it and prefer to have the extra space.

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    Soap stone bricks heat up there fjrnace are wrapped up in a towel to be placed at the foot of the bed for extra warmth during the night. The new owner would most likely get rid of this beautiful antique. Asbestos insulated octopus arms ducts supply heat to rooms. Oil is environmentally bad and is very expensive. This can all be reconnected if needed.

    However, I am sure after more years, owners after them will appreciate being stewards of something so unique. Heating Options to Protect this Furnace for the Future. Electric and oil were disconnected. The octopus furnace was a coal burning gravity hot air type.

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