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    I was very to find a way to do it while I was prancing. He again put on back for his behavior as Al Capone in The Maps.

    His iconic performance as Travis Bickle catapulted him to stardom and forever linked his name with Bickle's famous " You talkin' to me?

    Kazan recalls that De Niro "would do almost anything to succeed" and noted that he fwink his weight down from Yount pounds for the role in this film. Kazan adds that De Niro "is one of a select number of actors I've directed who work hard at their trade, and the only one who asked to rehearse on Sundays. Most of the others play tennis. Bobby and I would go over the scenes to be shot. Bobby is more meticulous He figures everything out both inside and outside.

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    He has good emotion. He's a character actor: In a good way, but he calculates. Fearing he had become typecast in mob roles, he began expanding into occasional comedic roles in the mids and has had much success there as well, with such films as BrazilMidnight RunAnalyze ThisMeet the Parentsand Meet the Fockers However, due to scheduling conflicts with his directorial debut A Bronx Talehe gave up the role to John Malkovichwho later received an Academy Award nomination for it. In A Bronx Tale, which De Niro agreed to direct after seeing the screenwriter's one-man off-Broadway play, he played a bus driver who struggles to keep his son away from a local mobster.

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