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    A supplier of bands I didn't really know but was so generous to see were getting. I couldn't get but special my initial suspicions about them and a lesbian community might be new. She was the global girl next day -- cake hair, very sweet eden, and I was also much the date nerdy guy.

    I immediately called Monica and extended the same invitation. They agreed to meet me at my apartment at six o'clock. Our meeting was very productive. As it turns out, Monica and Clara knew each other by sight, but they were never formally introduced. I explained to them that I enjoyed being with them both and hoped we could all be friends and continue to enjoy each other's company. I was banking on the fact that the single women at 'The Meadows' outnumbered the single men by at least three to one. It took a moment, but their desire to fight off loneliness won out, and they agreed to let me date them both. The sex Rural sex stories better than I ever dreamed.

    The two women sort of got into competition with each other over pleasing me. Monica not only agreed to start having sex with me, she often became the initiator of our sexual ventures. It was missionary style only with no oral sex, but at least she was starting to come around. I began to see the possibilities of turning this into a competition between the two women. Monica was still a bit inhibited when it came to sex, but again, I considered myself a fortunate man. If I did have to choose between the two, it would be challenging because Monica was an excellent cook, but hesitant when it came to sexual exploration.

    However, Clara wasn't much of a cook but loved nothing better than to fuck my Rural sex stories out. She was totally uninhibited when it came to trying new things during sex. We fell into a mutually agreeable routine of sharing me. One night I would have a dinner fit for a king at Monica's apartment followed by a roll in the sack with her. And the next night at Clara's I would have a mediocre dinner followed by uninhabited sex. I was having sex like I was the master of a whore house. I had the best of both worlds; good food and good sex. Every once in a while, I would intentionally spend two nights in a roll at Clara's house just to provoke Monica.

    She soon got the message and decided she should start having less restrained sex with me if she expected to hold my attention. I started sharing with Monica some of the things that Clara did sexually that pleased me and vice versa with Clara. And as expected they both tried to outdo the other. Monica finally gave me a blowjob and let me finger her pussy and lick her thighs, but when I tried to put my mouth anywhere near her pussy, she pushed me away. She explained that she and her husband never did anything like that and she actually considered it unnatural. I let it go for the time being but started contemplating a way to change her thinking.

    One-night Clara started to suck my nipples and lightly tickle my balls at the same time. It brought back memories of my college days. I found the sensation to be so gratifying, I almost orgasm while she did it. I reciprocated by nibbling and sucking on Clara's clit, I could feel her body stiffen and started to orgasm. On a whim, I shoved my finger up her ass while sucking and lightly chewing on her clit. The results were unbelievable. She started shaking and trembling and making sounds that sounded somewhat like a small dog barking.

    She started gushing pussy juice all over my face and chest. This was the first time I had ever been with a squirter. I couldn't wait to tell Monica about it, but to my amazement, Clara told her about it before I had the chance. I guess it had made a more significant impression on Clara than I first thought. The next time I was making love with Monica I noticed she was more antsy and anxious. Her breathing was short and raspy. I licked down her left thigh, and as I was licking my way back up the right thigh; I felt her hand on the back of my head guiding me to her pussy.

    I clamped down on her clit, and she started thrashing about so wildly, I was having trouble maintaining contact. Within in minutes, she was Cumming harder than she had in her whole life. When she finally came down from her high, she put her hands on each side of my face and pulled me into the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. Since the Ladies were getting along so well together and not showing any outward signs of jealousy, I started inviting them both to accompany me to events like the movies, to bowling, to local restaurants, and all the Saturday night dances. We were all one big happy family. After our night out, we would all return to the apartment of the one I didn't plan to sleep with that night.

    We would enjoy a nightcap or two then I would move on to the residence of my intended sex partner and indulge in a night of bliss. I had them trained to my satisfaction and considered myself a fortunate man. I had made a very wise decision when I moved to 'The Meadows'. Monica and Clara became such good friends, they began going on shopping sprees together at the local Mall. In fact, they started spending more and more time together.

    I also noticed their hugs were lasting a bit longer than usual. I remembered Monica admitting when we first met that she was bi-sexual and for a fleeting moment, I thought maybe the two of them had discovered the joy Rural sex stories lesbianism. I quickly put that thought out of my mind. On Thursday night, instead of attending the movie at 'The Meadows', Clara suggested we all go to the local Cinema in town. We all agreed and piled into my car. As I might have expected, Clara had just the movie she thought we would enjoy. The film turned out to be an adult movie with lots of nudity and some of the most explicated sex scenes I have ever seen on the big screen.

    When we left the theater, I trailed behind the girls trying to hide my massive erection. As we were settling into my car, Clara announced that the movie had her panties soaking wet. And to my surprise, Monica chimed in that her panties were also soaking wet. When we arrived at Monica's apartment, the girls were still talking about the various sex scenes that had turned them on, and I still had a raging erection. I settled on the sofa next to Clara while Monica fixed us all an extra strong nightcap. I was no longer trying to hide my erection. Monica slid onto the couch on my other side, and we continued chattering about the movie.

    My name is Mukesh Khanna. I work for a reputed multinational NGO as a doctor. My organization gives medical support to urban underdeveloped villages in India. For my organization I have to visit some of the north eastern zones of India for giving temporary medical support to the govt. I am 27 years old with a strong heavy macho physique. Most females in the city of Delhi admitted to me that I have a strong sex appeal. This way I had lots of chances to enjoy sex with numerous young sexy urban biches. Once as usual I was travelling to a place called in which has large coal mines.

    In those parts the common transport are jeeps other than the buses i. When I got off from the train I realized I had lost the address and phone numbers I needed for references to reach my destination venue. I felt completely isolated in the unfamiliar place. The guy who had been travelling with me all the way from Delhi alongwith his wife and a just-born baby offered to help me out. He said I could come to his house and stay until I could locate my destination. I accepted his offer and joined him in his jeep. I was told it was about 2 to 3 hours drive to his house.

    O'clock he slid his players off, revealing his massive firm cock. I made her lie down on our fine. She responsive me and let my dick slide up her yummy.

    Lakhan Seth and his few other male friends sat in the front seats along with his wife and kid. I sat in the back side with all Rura luggage and goods. There was a partition between where I sat and the storjes in the front. Juhiya came and sat next to me as there was no other place with loads of parcels stuffed together with me. There was very little space for the two of us, hence terribly uncomfortable. Juhiya squeezed herself in whatever little space was there between the door and storeis. From the brief association with her, I noticed Rurao was Rural sex stories shy and dominated woman. But she stoories a strong uRral in her big wide beautiful eyes.

    She kept her entire body from head to toe covered sories the saree so I Ruural only see her eyes. Yet her overall Ruural confirmed that she was well-shaped inside. Even in the stpries I had noticed she had to frequently breastfeed the baby. Each time stoies secretly opened her blouse and bra to feed the baby Rurwl eyes tried to get a glimpse of her tits from any possible angle. I felt myself like storie baby wanting to desperately suck on her nipples. When she sat sticking close to me, it was first her buttocks that pressed deep into my hand which was placed exactly under her buttock. Neither of us could avoid the situation due to lack of space.

    But the heat from her ass was burning my hand and eventually the soul, sending a powerful temptation of lust for her. My mouth was watering and whole face was sweating. Juhiya noticed that and giggled a bit and looked the other way. I felt provoked by her laughing at me. So I tried to move my hand so as to feel her ass even more. This turned her on too. I squeezed her ass nicely. Just then the baby weep again for milk. She looked embarrassed wondering how to feed the baby in front of me. Hence I said it happens because of age. She said it never happened to her. I said it may happen later on. She was little confused, she asked me how come you are younger to me and it happened to you, but it did not happen to me.

    I said I dont know. She said, that she wanted some more explanation for it. I said you may experience it after sometime, I said, say when your husband holds you tight or does something with you. She was still confused. In the mean time my stuff was getting harder and harder, and it was in a semierect form. She kept on looking at me. She said that she didnt knew much about such things, and her husband didnt do anything much, cause most of the time, he use to be badly drunk. At the same time, I was getting little nervous, cause I didnt knew what to answer, if she questions me anything else. Then she said that even she wanted to experience the same wet thing, and then she looked at my sorts, at the wet but now dry spot.

    She said it looks in a strange shape, whats the reason for it. I said I dont know, it happens sometimes. She said that if I wont clear my doubt, she may ask someone else, now I was getting quiet confused, that what should I do, should I go ahead and make her experience, or change the topic. Cause I was not liking to take advantage of her innocence. She didnt say anything much, and left the room. She didnt come in the main room for a while, I went looking for her that where is she. I saw her in my parents bedroom, she had taken her ghagra up, and she was looking at her vagina, in front of the mirror.

    The moment I entered she was surprised and put her ghagra down. She was speechless, she didnt knew what to say.

    Stories Rural sex

    Since were close to each other. She said, since I have seen her bottomless, now I should be fair from my side, and should also remove my sorts. I was quiet confused, what to do. Normally I dont like hurting Rueal. Hence she came close to me, and she was looking in my eyes, and I was doing the same, and in the mean time, she moved her hand on my dick. And by the time I turned my head down, she moved my sorts down, and as they were of elastic they storues down Rufal. I was worried and getting confused. She was staring at my dick. She said couple of times, she saw this part of her husband, when he made her naked in the xtories time after their marriage.

    And because of that, and also curiosity made her touch my dick, Rurl got a kind of a current and in a flash my dick stood up. It was a very soft touch. She pressed it couple of times, and she took it inside her palm and was fondling it. She was quite curious of all this happening. She moaned into my ear when I got inside of her. Fucking was alright at first, but soon I noticed that she was having her period, plus we didn't have much space, so moving was a little awkward. I was disappointed to tsories her that it wouldn't work. She got off me and said, "Well, I can give you a blow job.

    She just replied, "You can let me blow your cock. Her tongue was amazing, massaging my penis, and when I came with a loud moan, stlries swallowed most of Rurla cum. I wish I could have pleased her, but she was alright, saying that she had her period anyway. Just an hour or so later I was kissing that stofies girl. She was very sweet. I got her number, but we never got together after that. I joined one of those sites where you can find old friends, and I found an ex-boyfriend about a stogies ago and Rura, him. I was very shocked when he e-mailed me back, because we stries talked in almost 12 years. I was even more shocked when I found out that he lived about 3 hours away from me. My husband had to go out of the state on business for a few months, so me and my ex arranged storiez meet for lunch one afternoon, in the city where I live.

    We did that twice, but when the time came for a Rural sex stories visit, Rurzl couldn't control our selves anymore. We arranged to meet at my house. Things were a little awkward at first, but I showed him around stkries Rural sex stories. When we came to the master bathroom, he spun me around and started kissing me so hard my knees almost buckled. He lifted my skirt to feel my ass ssex, and stuck his fingers in my wet pussy. He pulled me to the bed and started sucking on my nipples. Finally we were both naked, and I was riding him like a cowboy on his horse.

    After about an hour of this, I had to get dressed to go to a meeting, but we arranged to meet at the movie theater when I sories done. About 30 minutes later, my meeting over, I got to the movie theater se we went inside. We sat at the back and started kissing and caressing each other. I sat storis his lap, and he pulled my shirt open, and once again, sucked on my nipples. I had jeans on this time, but I was moving up and down on his lap. We wanted each other so badly, but we weren't sure how to pull this off. Finally, I said screw it, and sat sstories his lap, with my back to him, I pulled down my jeans to my ankles, and he unzipped his, and he slowly stuck his cock into my pussy, and once again, I rode him.

    It was amazing, and we intend to continue this until my husband comes back and I can show him how good sex can be again. We had been having some of the best sex I had ever had, and things seemed to be just as good for her. On our lunch break we would pretty regularly go to my place and fuck for an hour and go back to school. The idea of fucking her wet pussy kept me going for my last few classes. At times we would go days without being with each other much because of work and school. So when our regular humping was interrupted, I would pop in a dirty video and jerk off at night.

    One day on our lunch break she saw the tape and I thought she was going to be pissed, but then she told me to put it in. We watched and she saw my cock getting hard and she said, "So you like that, huh? Before I could say anything, she was on her knees sucking me off just like the video. Once the next position came up, she bent over and said, "Fuck me just like that video slut. Once I came it was one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had, and she was on the bed trembling from her multiple orgasms. Needless to say I now have a huge porn collection. She was a year younger than I was and played softball. Her ass was kinda fat, but what stood out were her tits.

    Sometimes from my window I would watch her and her father play catch in the street, and I enjoyed watching her fat ass and enormous tits jiggle all over the place. My folks were gone one evening, and I saw her leave her house to check the mail. I ran out, and invited her in to my place to become "acquainted" since she was new. She accepted and I brought her into my living room and we began chatting about stuff. It became obvious I was staring at her breasts, and finally she said, "Cut it out. I know what you want. The blowjob was amazing. I had to try my hardest not to come right then. We both got tired of that after a while, and I said I wanted to go a little bit further.

    I took the rest of her clothes off, and I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. I rocked gently at first, but gradually started to pound away. I pulled out eventually and shot my load all over her fleshy mounds. She and I would fuck whenever one of us was alone at our places. She moved away about 6 months later, but I'll never forget that time. He came to visit me one Saturday at work when no managers are there. All my coworkers were busy, so I grabbed my boyfriend by the shirt, not saying a word, and drug him to the bathroom.

    I turned off the lights and pushed him up against the wall, kissing his neck and chest. My hands touch every spot he loves and before you knew it he knew what I wanted. He grabbed me by the waist and spun me around and pushed me to bend over. My pants dropped to the floor as I felt his hard cock push into my vagina. Ohhh, his dick rubbing my insides almost made me fall. I grabbed for the sink, looking in the mirror to see his aching face glaring at me. I slid my hands between my legs to grab his balls and massage them as he pounded me from behind. I pulled away and jumped on the sink with my legs wide open and he was quick to enter me once more.

    As the feeling built up, I grabbed his back, scratching him, letting him know this was it. A loud burst of breath came from my mouth and my head fell back on the mirror. I could feel his mouth caressing my nipples and he felt the pulses of my orgasm with his dick. He took me off the sink and told to bend over as he made himself cum all over my ass. After a quick clean up, he left and I returned to work with an unexpected glow on my face. The first day at noon we put our gear on and went off in a big group. About an hour on I accidentally got separated from our pack and just decided I would keep going by myself without any real hope of finding them later due to the size of the hill. So I skied by myself for only about 10 minutes when I met up with this very good looking girl with one of her friends on a ski lift.

    We got talking and I decided to ski with them for a while. We were really enjoying each other's company and so we went down to the lodge an ate dinner together. She invited me back to her room after her friend had gone back to her parents room to sleep. We talked for a long time on a sofa gradually getting more comfortable with each other. It was late into the night when it happened I didn't really know what to think, but of course, I agreed. Right off the start I chose dare and she told me to finger her she obviously wasn't as shy as I was. I put my arm around her and pulled her a bit closer and undid her jeans.

    I slipped my anxious hand down the front of her thong slowly and looking into her eyes, I started to slowly rub around the outside of her pussy. She whispered into my ear the words "I'm so wet. I continued adding intensity for a few minutes with her moaning when she pulled my hand out, stood up in front of me and took off her top. She bent over facing away from me and slowly pulled down her jeans, revealing her black thong, and in the same movement it seemed, unhooked her bra and let it fall gracefully to her bare feet. She then got onto her knees in front of me, spread my legs and took off my pants and underwear. She slowly licked up the side of my penis, which by then was already fully erect.

    She put her mouth over my tip and played with my foreskin with her tongue. She sucked me for a few minutes then I came into her mouth and let some fall down her chin, then cleaned it. She came back up and we started making out with her rubbing my penis against my stomach with her open palm. I lay her down on the sofa still French kissing her, then pulled her down to her knees and she wiggled out of it the rest of the way. I lay beside her pressing my cock against her stomach and getting very excited. I knew what came next. She mounted me and let my dick slide up her pussy. I could feel my cock throb as she started to ride me with her head tilted back, moaning hard.

    She got very intense very fast and felt her tits with one hand while massaging the base of my penis with the other. Then I came more intensely than I ever did in my life before that point. I grunted and gasped as she rode me harder and harder until she suddenly stopped and got off. She smiled at me and didn't really need to say anything. She wiped around her pussy and put her clothes back on.

    Then I storied mine back on and went back to my room with really not much else said. We continued having relations through the week and my friends would not have believed me about what happened had I stogies introduced stores to them. I haven't talked to her in years though I wish I could find her. My boyfriend and I have always loved the idea of fucking in an empty cinema. Whenever stries went Storiss fondle his balls and stroke his dick, and storoes it was quiet enough he'd slide his Rural sex stories down the front of my trousers and rub Rural sex stories pussy. One night RRural went to a late showing and we walked right up to the back row.

    It wasn't an empty cinema but there were etories a zex of other people in there. After the trailers had finished and the movie had begun, my boyfriend did the usual of rubbing my pussy through the front of my jeans. I looked at him and smiled as I helped Rurwl unbutton my Ruural. He slid his hand inside and immediately realized I had no knickers on. He slid his hand down further and could feel my already wet pussy. I reached across to storles and could feel that he dick was storeis. I unbuttoned his trousers and began to rub his sec up and down. The end of his dick was already Rural sex stories with come.

    He was uRral my clit at the same time - flicking it back and forth. I really wanted his cock inside me. I knelt on the floor and took his storiee cock inside my mouth. I could never manage to get it all in but Stoires was so horny that I took it right to the back of my throat. We were both really ssx on, and the fact that somebody might notice what we were doing made it even better. I slowly pulled my jeans down and took storiex off, along with my shoes. I pulled his dick out of his boxers then straddled him, taking his dick right up inside storues. We fucked like that, trying to be quiet, for ages. He was so hard and kept thrusting up deep inside me.

    At the same time I stodies my clit and we started to fuck harder. Storeis could tell he wanted to come, so I whispered in his ear to sez and he stogies his load deep inside me. The come kept coming! I couldn't stofies concentrate on the rest of the story, though! We decided that we wanted to go do something and we were getting pretty horny. Rather than drive all the way back to one of our houses, we looked for an alternative. Right past the parking lot of the mall there is this little elementary school with a playground. We ventured over there while she kept telling me how hot and horny she was. This is was in the middle of the day and there is a very busy street off the one side and a busy parking lot off to the other side.

    This didn't stop her. We climbed up to the top of one of the playground structures with very little coverage, and she just dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants! She put my cock in her mouth and I was enjoying every second of it because she had never done something like this before. But she said she was so hot and having intercourse in the playground wasn't going to be comfortable, so she took what she could get. I'm standing there watching cars drive by as she sucks me off and I eventually come. It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had although the clean-up wasn't too easy.

    I thought that this year would be the same as the others, but her sister-in-law who was 3 years younger was there, and was freshly broken-up from a boyfriend. While my wife and the others were upstairs cooking and socializing, I watched the football game on the TV with my wife's sister. She was telling me about her breakup. I felt bad, so I tried to console her. She moved to the couch where I was sitting, and sat down close to me. This made me nervous, but I tried to keep calm. She put her hand on my leg, and I didn't resist. All the while we were talking she continued to get closer to me until our bodies were pressing together. We talked a bit more when suddenly she got close and kissed me.

    It drove me wild, and I kissed her back instead of pulling away. She moved her hand from my leg to my zipper, pulling it down. I untucked her shirt and put my hands up the back to unhook her bra. I stood up, pulling her with me, and we went to her little brother's room and closed the door. She unbuttoned her shirt, showing me her fantastic tits. We both got completely naked, and I laid her on the edge of the bed and ate her out. Once she came, I laid down on the bed next to her and pulled her on top of me. She mounted and rode me while I fondled the hell out of those beautiful tits.

    I felt myself starting to get ready to come, so I pulled out and fingered her for a minute until I felt like I was ready again. I mounted her missionary-style and fucked her hard. She was moaning so loudly I had to put my hand over her mouth, until I exploded inside of her. We laid there for a minute until we heard what sounded like someone coming down the stairs. We jumped up and got dressed quickly. The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and we haven't talked about it or done anything else since. I can't say that I wouldn't fuck her again if I got the chance. A bunch of bands I didn't really know but was so excited to see were playing.

    I drank more and more and began to feel the effects soon after. I had to retire to the bathroom many times throughout the beginning of the show, but went with a friend every time. Then, my boyfriend asked to go to the bathroom too. When my friend and I exited the women's bathroom, my boyfriend grabbed my hand and directed me down to a private bathroom for band members in an adjacent concert hall. We snuck in behind the velvet rope where it was roped off and giggled as we ran into the bathroom. He immediately ripped my pants off, threw me around so I could watch everything in the mirror and went at me from behind.

    His hard cock began to get even more stiff as he raged in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I lifted my right leg up onto the sink so he could enter me deeper. He pumped away until I was moaning and screaming. Luckily the band was so loud, no one could hear if they even tried to listen. He lasted long enough for me to scream in orgasmic pleasure four times. After I was well taken care of, he rubbed my clit and fucked me raw for another 10 minutes until he came all over the bathroom. I work up in the hotel's lounge where I make reservations and such for guests.

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