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    The surgeon or radiologist uses a thin needle with a hollow center to remove a sample of cells from the suspicious area.

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    If the biopsy leads to fikm surgery, the clip will be removed at that time. This clip is left inside the breast and causes no pain or harm. With stereotactic mammography, mammograms are taken from different angles to pinpoint the location of the breast mass. In addition to removing the suspected cancer, the surgeon generally will remove a small rim of normal tissue around it as well, called a margin. Save as Favorite Sign in to receive recommendations Learn more Imaging studies such as mammogram and MRI, often along with physical exams of the breast, can lead doctors to suspect that a person has breast cancer.

    The doctor can use the wire as a guide in finding the right spot for biopsy.

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    However, the choice of procedure really depends on your individual situation. Cliips procedure also is able to remove more tissue than core needle biopsy does. Excisional biopsy Excisional biopsy, the most involved form of biopsy, is surgery to remove the entire area of suspicious tissue from the breast. A small wire is placed through the needle and into the area of concern. Core needle biopsy Core needle biopsy uses a larger hollow needle than fine needle aspiration does. This clip is left inside the breast and is not harmful to the body.

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