• Vintage modified stratocaster sss electric guitar

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    Good luck choosing your first Stratocaster! For most beginners my advice is to go with a starter pack.

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    Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 30 years of experience as a musician. It has a legacy going back decades, and has been used by legendary guitar players to get the sounds they need it every imaginable style of music. You can learn more about them in the post below. For guitarists into heavier rock and metal the single coil in the bridge position may not cut it. Some players love the Strat design but prefer humbuckers in both the bridge and neck position. I think it simply comes down to your budget, what kind of music you intend to play and which tones are most important to you.

    The bridge is a vintage-style synchronized tremolo. Squier has a cool Black and Chrome Strat in their lineup that will appeal to the more aggressive crowd.

    Stratocaster Vintage electric modified guitar sss

    In my opinion, this is the best elecgric both worlds when it comes to the Stratocaster. Hear the Vintage Modified '70s Strat Fender Standard Stratocaster For their Standard Series of guitars and basses Fender takes some of their most legendary instruments and finds a way to make them more affordable. It has everything you need, and makes the process of putting together your first guitar setup simple and affordable.

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