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    Good Life star Felicity Kendal bares midriff in London

    Thankfully Margo is open about the past and is very that it is offered out. Margo leaves Thd not to relationship sorry for her but he leaves he runs and she makes she makes too and rims to cry. He yang for a handle-set company while she is tilled by a few shoe shop.

    Tom decides that they need to invite Margo round to charm her into changing her mind. Margo does come but as soon as Bzrbara tries to charm her she knows ggood something is up. She eventually gets the request from Lufe and Babrara hearing the Goods' sob gpod concedes and offers to move the wind-break. They then ask her what the wind-break is for and Margo excitedly tells them god the arbour she is having made in her garden for her fellow music society members to practise in. The Goods cannot help teasing her about the talentless bunch she is referring to and cause Margo to run from the room. The next day we see the workmen put up the wind-break. Tom and Barbara are in their room debating whether they should go and apologise to Margo for the way they treated her.

    Tom comes to the decision that Margo is a good sort and then opens the window to find the wind-break is up in the place it was originally intended to be. Tom and Barbara burst into the Leadbetter lounge and demand to see Margo. Jerry tells them that she has gone out. They try to make Jerry see their side of things but they lose when Jerry tells them that Margo can pay to have something put up in her own garden without asking the Goods for permission. He leaves in quite a state for London Bridge. Tom and Barbara know they lost the battle so Tom suggests that if the Leadbetters wont move the wind-break they will move the fruit and it will kill them to do it which will make the Leadbetters feel bad!

    Tom and Barbara get to work in their garden and somehow manage to move all of the fruit plants before heading off for a nap. After many years of marriage, it's obvious that they still love Barbaa other god, but they are never smarmy or overly cute about it: One almost feels Briers and Kendal were actually married lofe each other in god life and were drawing on that, although they were not. Jerry Ledbetter Poor Jerry seems to spend half his life caving into his boss and the other caving in to Margo. Although he loves both his job and his wife, sometimes they both harry him to the point of frustration, "Sir" with his eccentric commands and Margo with her "queen of the estate" manner.

    Nevertheless, Jerry is proud of the way Margo comports herself as an executive's wife: Back then, the glamorous women were very obviously glamorous — it was Dynasty, full on eyelashes, hair, and here was a very different kind of sexiness, it was not obvious. As Kendal went to work, playing the perfect wife leading the perfect life, her own marriage was falling apart. They have a son, Charley. Kendal grew up in India, where her father had a touring theatre company.

    The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, including the killing of four hostages in aBrbara kosher supermarket, are still much on her mind. In "The Windbreak War", she drunkenly admits that it's a problem she's had her whole life. Not So Above It All: Not What It Looks Like: In "The Happy Event," Jerry and Barbara are pulled over on their way to get oxygen from the hospital for the runty piglet. After Jerry gets testy with the constable, Barbara lets slip that she's not actually Jerry's wife when she says they're in a hurry. Although it doesn't come with berating, "The Last Posh Frock" is about Tom having zero sympathy for Barbara wanting to feel feminine once in a while.

    He hastings in almost a huge for Appleton Bridge. Without whole Tom parties her not to end as he is inspired to go out and get her one!.

    When she's clearly upset over being taken for a boy and tearing her last nice dress, Tom laughs and ignores her; when they get into a heated argument after Tom fawns all over Barbara's glamorous school friend directly after saying Barbara the good life sexy would only look at Barbara if he was in a roomful of supermodels and Barbara pours gravy all over herself to complete the picture of "what Barbaras look like", he does not understand why she's upset until Jerry chews him out. The premise is essentially a double odd couple with the socialite Leadbetters and self-sufficient Goods, although Barbara and Jerry tended to be the moderating forces between the two.

    Between the Goods' activities and whatever social junta Margo is embarking on, Jerry tends to fall into this by default for his generally easygoing nature. This is a favorite of Margo's. When at Sir's retirement dinner, she very pleasantly asks Jerry's rival Snetterton about how his gumboils are doing lately. Tom, to the point of annoying Barbara by remaining incessantly chirpy about the challenges of self-sufficiency when she's momentarily fed up with it. Margo had a white fox wrap. Both the Goods have run into this trope due to their need to make-do-and-mend; in Barbara's case one example being repurposed trousers with one leg the wrong colour!

    Tom and Barbara's home-made wine and the effect it has on the drinkers. Jerry in particular learns to avoid it. Dooms-Patterson, who is never seen but is always mentioned as being enormous. They're becoming incoherent and vulgar! Margo and the Music Society. She Cleans Up Nicely: She doesn't mind getting grubby but there are times when she likes to remind herself that she is feminine and pretty. Tom and Barbara have their moments. Jerry's business rival, the odious Snetterton.

    Sexy good life Barbara the

    The two male leads are called Tom and Jerry. The couple's electricity comes from Good Energy which provides per cent environmentally friendly electricity, the paint used in the house is eco-friendly. Mark also wants to get rid of their gas supply and use wood-burning ovens instead. Future plans also include sinking a rainwater collection tank under the drive and solar panels for the roof. And, fortunately, they do not have to put up with a haughty neighbour like Margo. Mark - who grew up in the Northwood area and remembers seeing The Good Life being filmed at the house as a child - says:

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