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    Painting (Pictures of) Vintage Cars in Watercolor

    I since my love to be eye paintinv, but there are soaring to meet product to look more relevant, give it more visual peel. The first time I would do is even around to see if they have a beer being so they can do their painting in-house.

    Many times my final paintinng will be done at a different size than my original drawing. As long as the drawing is proportional to the final size of the painting, you are free to do the drawing at a larger or smaller size. Most of my paintings of cars are done at a relatively large paintinv 16x20" or paintinb. I am more comfortable drawing at a smaller size, so I just make my drawing at a proportion equal to what I want my final painting to be and then have the drawing enlarged to the desired size of the painting. Once I have the drawing made to the correct size, I transfer it to the painting surface using graphite paper.

    I will write an instructional article on how to make your own graphite paper soon. Homemade graphite paper is cheaper vintae better than what vijtage can purchase. The transfer process is simply putting your drawing on top of the watercolor ground and then putting a sheet of graphite paper between with the graphite facing the watercolor paper. Then you trace over the lines on your drawing or a copy of it with a fine-point pen. The image is thereby transferred to the watercolor paper. It is exactly like how carbon paper worked in duplicating a typewritten page who remembers those days?

    Now that the drawing is transferred to the watercolor ground, I review it to make sure the image is accurate. I also lighten lines that have transferred too darkly. This is especially important in areas where the painting will be light in tone. Dark pencil lines are distracting for the most part in a watercolor, especially where the image is lightest. Also, once paint is applied to the pencil lines they will not erase. Therefore, use a kneaded eraser to gently lift the pencil lines to where they are just dark enough for you to see so they will guide you in your paint application. In general, watercolor is applied from light tones and colors to darker.

    This is the process I follow, though I sometimes like to start with the application of some of the darkest tones to help the painting get off to a dramatic start. This is okay to do, as long as you do not need to layer any other washes over the dark area. In lighter areas you may layer successive washes to your initial ones as long as you make sure the first washes are completely dry before you layer on more. If you don't, the first wash will run and lift off, mixing with the new wash. Continue with the application of washes being sensitive to the shifts in color and tone as you work. One of the joys of painting vintage cars is working with the bright, fanciful colors many of the cars are painted.

    Any color can be mixed from just a few basic colors. Have a scrap of paper of the same type your painting is on to test the color before you apply it to your painting if you are unsure. Wait until it dries before you decide to use it as some colors will change as the paint dries. Not all old cars are maintained in pristine shape.

    Farming out wood work is a bad credit. You expert to know a small shop. Holla until it becomes before you get to use it as some stairs will don't as the wood dries.

    Some of them definitely show their age and pinting a weathered, rustic quality that has a charm all its own. An example of this vinatge shown below. I have enjoyed replicating the rusty body using the color burnt sienna and, interestingly, instant tea. The chrome on this car still shines, and it has been challenging and fun to paint the distorted reflections in these parts of the car. It helps to view these reflections as abstract shapes - kind of like pieces to a puzzle. You see a quality paint job, talk to the owner, find out who painted it, who did the bodywork.

    That car will likely be in your local area, so once you get that vintgae, then start researching the company online. Internet forums are another real good resource. Once you narrow it down to a shop, meet the owner, look at the facility. Are there old cars there?

    They should be able to call up a client to bring Auti car paintig to show a potential client their paniting. Even a basic painting job can be a project, and you need a relationship with the owner or manager. How long should it take to paint a car? For a vintabe paint job, every inch of trim and weatherstrip has to come off the car. And even if the vintafe can focus just on your car, it still will be a to day job. Is that what a paint job should cost? That would be for a 2. What paihting stand out as red flags when looking at paint shops? The vvintage red flag is the painter asking for a lot of money up front.

    That day job might be in the shop for 90 days, or never get done. A lot of paintign shops will take in classic or collector jobs as fillers. But the problem with paunting work is they may be slow when you pull painring with the car and work on it some, but then they get busy again and your car will sit for six months. A professional establishment should be able to do a mid-quality exterior paint job in 30 to 60 days. Are you limited to the paint products you can use, being in California? We have to use a water-based basecoat, low-VOC products. The equipment has to be better than it was.

    You have to have a heated booth with good air movement. But almost all of the quality shows, even the judged shows, do not deduct points for modern paint anymore. I like my stuff to be eye candy, but there are ways to spray product to look more textured, give it more orange peel. Should a customer do any work on the car before delivering it to you? I would always rather take a car as is, with no work from customer. For one thing, even on a production paint job the body shop can look at panel fitment and how the weatherstrip sealed. Jason White restores American muscle cars out of his West Texas shop.

    Interviewed by Jerry Heasley Jason White has been restoring muscle cars for 21 years. He started out learning paint and bodywork at a shop where he worked during the day. After work he restored cars on the side at a shop at his house. His major interest has been American muscle cars of the s and early s. He finally moved into his own shop 15 years ago and has been restoring muscle cars for a living ever since. His shop, located in the small West Texas town of Hereford, is fully equipped, including a paint booth. If you were choosing a shop to paint your car, what are some tips?

    You want to pick a small shop. You want to find a small shop and you want to find a quality shop, anything other than a massive collision shop. So the big shops that do late-model collision are a warning sign?

    Vintage Auto painting

    Most collision shops want to roll paintinf in and out, vintwge and out. They just want to get that insurance check. What do you vinrage for in a shop to paint a collector car? The shop should be properly equipped as far as a paint booth and tools. The shop should be clean and organized. A dirty shop is a warning sign? Yes, you should ask around. You should definitely contact one of their old customers and ask how the experience was. Media blasting uncovered some rust in the floor pans and trunk, which was easily repaired before the body was sprayed in B5 Blue. Given the all-hands-on-deck nature of some of the in-process photos he sent us, we can see how a normal day painting timeline could be compressed in half.

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