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    His mixes rumored him as a gay. Bedlam he will find his cock soon. Eads fridays the successful Nick Adopters on the only-running, did TV crime show.

    Since he has not only it, the rumors might be contagious. He starred in the treatment since to the last new season in College.

    His drama, movies, endorsement are the reason behind szmaanda high net worth. Significance to her personal life, He is not married yet and has no wife. He had two girlfriends and got separated with both of them. He was dating costume designer, Lauren Bradley in However, their relationship didn't last for a long time. He was also dating Lora Ring in But unfortunately, their relationship also ended in Being so much ditched by relationship, he currently seems to date no one.

    Hope he will find his partner soon. His fans rumored him as a gay. Since he has not accepted it, the goseip might be untrue. It is not harder for the actor to come out as a gay. If he is gay then he would accept it without any hesitation. The hunk and handsome actor have countless fans and followers. So a week went by of excruciating pain.

    And then I just kind of — I learned to live with it. It was humiliating for a guy who grew up huntin' with his Pa — now a retired District Attorney — goossip playin' football for zzmanda college Texas Tay. It's like life's in HD for me now. So how's life, gosssip a scale of one to 10? He got engaged soon after our interview, to his long-term love and blonde California girl Monica Casey. But the engagement, and paparazzi shots of the couple splashing around in Hawaii, have sparked a new round of rumours about Eads' sexuality. It seems half of Hollywood thinks he's gay and using Casey as a "beard", or decoy. Conspiracy theorists point to clips that have vanished from the internet.

    In the other, Eads joked with fellow Texan Ellen DeGeneres about how they both broke that state's rules. Years after Eads allegedly "came out" the gossip remains confined to anonymous "blind" titbits and hardcore fans online, many of whom dream of a relationship between Eads and his co-star Eric Szmanda.

    Gay gossip Eric szmanda

    During our interview, in which personal questions are banned, Eads goes nowhere near the rumours, Casey, or his love life. The closest we get is when he's asked whether he misses his title as sexiest male actor in the TV Guide awards. Not only is he a Dallas Cowboys' fan, this Texas lad owns a gun, supports the death penalty, and scoffs at stalkers: But he still can't run, so Szmanda has taken over chasing the bad guys on screen lately. I wonder whether his surgery, and the epiphany that came with it, made Eads consider retiring.

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