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    How To Fist

    And when you have a dirtier penetration going in and out with that introitus, the wheeled opening of the time, is sometimes really dotted. That is a social of available, messy, activity so be successful to get more.

    Right, like all sex acts, the experience comes from the attitude you bring and the intention you bring, not the act itself. And when you get down to it it really is just penetration.

    So a lot tist women enjoy the sensation of being really filled up and fisting is one way to get that sense of being full, a fo of internal pressure and a lot of fisst find that highly arousing. One concern people have about fisting is that it will stretch the vagina, and it will, but that will just be temporary. The vagina as we know is designed to be able to take an enormous baby coming out of it, but it is designed to return to its natural size. The other piece to think about here is preparation. So definitely we recommend having a high quality lubricant on hand, so to speak. This is a kind of juicy, messy, activity so be prepared to get slick.

    Some people enjoy using gloves for fisting because it smoothes out the rough edges, creates another level of protection and barrier.

    And some women prefer the sensation of fiist hand with a glove on. You never want to cause your body pain in the name of pleasure. And you know think of it like a really good massage. Yeah any time you reach an edge that feels questionable, you can always just hold still there or pull back out slightly, and keep stimulating the clitoris, keep creating more arousal, and then edge back again. And just to second that- the full body massage, the butt massage, all of that is especially important in these sorts of acts because the body really has to be relaxed in order to receive that kind of penetration. So absolutely- full body massage is a great way to begin these sorts of acts.

    To vaginal fist How

    Seduce her entire body. And one really good thing to do here is put her in charge of clitoral stimulation. So encourage her to touch her own clitoris while you focus on the penetration. That way she can bring herself as much arousal as she wants to continue to build arousal as you go inside her bigger and bigger. Then she can go at the rate that she wants, the kind of pressure that she wants… CMR: You know, multitasking is great, but sometimes you really just want to focus your erotic attention on one thing at a time and have it be a team sport.

    Put her in charge of the clitoris and you just focus all of your attention on your fingers in her vagina and what you are feeling there. And the other thing I want to say here is this is a moment to really drop your attention into your fingers. Notice what your fingers are feeling. Notice the sensation of the tissues and pay exquisite attention. This is one of my favorite things about sex with women- is the sensations of the vagina opening and responding to your touch and it can be just a really exquisite dance.

    So what is her breathing doing, what is her body doing, how are her sounds? Cause there really is vaginal tension that you can feel and that is a point when you feel that- that you pull back. And I think this is one of the things we said about it being like a serene meditation. When you go to two fingers, usually what happens is you press the first and second finger together and you move them together and you have a nice broad surface. When you start going to three or four fingers and this is especially important for bigger handed men, but we can all do this you want to start folding your hand into more of a point rather than just having your fingers splayed next to each other.

    And this is a great position to start introducing three fingers in. And try using these three fingers in harmony together. Click here to get it. Is fisting something that real people do, or is just one of those things we see in porn that is best left to fantasy land? What does that even mean? While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. Many women experience a sense of achievement after successful fisting. This is something you might have achieved when you had sex with someone who was especially well-endowed in the past!

    This is a common mistake people make when first learning how to fist. However, it makes the hand much bulkier and wider, and no amount of lube makes this comfortable for a number of people. So what does the hand look like in fisting? Your partner will pull his pinky and index fingers toward the middle finger and fold his thumb up against the bottom of his fingers to create a duck bill shape. Prepare for Fisting Aside from hand shape, the keys to successful fisting are all about preparing. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. If you want to access them and give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these secret sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter.

    If she likes that, try moving in and out a bit, but go slowly and gently. An important thing to remember is that with this much penetration, a little motion creates a lot of sensation. Your hand should not make dramatic moves; it may be too intense or suddenly painful. Experiences of orgasm during fisting differ. Some women find they orgasm violently, while others just feel intense pleasure. If she does orgasm, once the contractions have subsided, begin a very slow and slight rocking motion in and out with the same degree of twisting motion. This is a very calming and is when a strong emotional connection occurs. You could hurt her.

    When it comes time to remove your hand, reverse the process that you used to get it in. Form your hand back into a wedge shape and gently begin to withdraw, rotating back and forth as necessary. That can help just as much in this phase. If this happens, run a finger from your other hand between your fisting hand and her vaginal lips to gently break the seal. Gloves are your friend You want to make sure your nails are short and filed down, with your hands washed thoroughly without any cuts, abrasions, hangnails, or nail polish. An option is to use latex or nitrile gloves with the tips of your nails padded with cotton balls. You also could purchase this fancy fisting mittenwhich is actually very sexy and helps the lube last longer.

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    Do NOT use numbing agents or fisting gel A lot of ot fisting guides will offer a yo fisting gel that has numbing agents in it. However, I do not recommend using this for vaginal OR anal fisting. One finger at a time You want to slowly layer your fingers inside your partner one at a time. Your thumb should lay in the center of your palm, pointing towards the middle finger while you pull in your index and pinky fingers to the center as well. This adorable fisting pin shows you a good example: This will all start to happen pretty naturally once you get past the knuckles entering your partner.

    You can twist your wrist around to create different sensations; you can change positions while keeping your fist inside of her; you can use your knuckles on her G spot or the internal part of her clitoris; you can bring your fist in and out playing around the vaginal opening. Be sure to reapply lube as needed to keep the pleasure coming pun intended.

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