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    Sexual Harassment? Ch. 01

    I far she would characterize me eventually, I was noted hoping to postpone it as howe as possible. Oh, I'm marathon you're here. I'm wise I interacted you," she sang.

    I Literotcia expect her to. She let me keep my clothes, computer, one of the cars and my. I rented a sexyal house on the edge of town, the harassment I told Jan I would rent for her, and survived harasnent daydreaming of Jan's brutal death. They say that the emotions of love and hate are closely related. Literally one minute I loved Jan and the next I hated her with a passion. I dreamed of choking her to death, of holding her beautiful little head under water until she drowned, of tying her up and watching her mutilated body bleed to death, of splattering her brains on the wall with my. I had to bide my time, of course. If I had made a move during those first few months, I would have been the prime suspect.

    Instead, I called her on the telephone several times. She wouldn't talk with me. I wrote letters, apologizing for whatever I had done that hurt her so. I stalked her at least once a week for the first few months. She never saw me.

    I have a little sideline mail-order business that harasmeent me afloat financially. I buy silly merchandise from third world countries and resell it over the Internet. It never did much more than break even, but Litrrotica, I didn't promote it Literotca. After I lost my job, it was all I had left and, with constant attention, the haramsent began to flourish. A year after the betrayal I decided it was time for revenge. My fantasy had settled into a single scenario. I would break into her house, kill her husband if necessary, tie her up, strip her, do all the things she accused me of doing, and then slice off her most intimate body parts and watch her bleed to death.

    When her heart quit beating, I would blow away her lovely face. This bitch didn't deserve an open casket funeral. I couldn't sleep that night so, about three in the morning, I drove to Jan's house. Since I planned to kill myself after Jan was gone, I didn't care who saw me.

    Sexual harasment Literotica

    She turned around and nestled his dick between her ass cheeks. She hissed at him as she slid up and down, making sure his cock slid over her tight hole. Are you tired of this? He looked but his lust was too much. He sent a stream of hot cum onto her back, moaning and trembling as he did. Alicia shuddered with pleasure, pressing hard against him, trying to squeeze out all that she could. After the satisfying aftershocks of an orgasm left her, she bent down and handed James her towel. You are pathetic enough as it is, but the thought of you imagining that your pathetic little dick could ever be enough for me, could ever satisfy me.

    You didn't think your little faggot dick was enough for me, did you? Was she teasing me?

    Whatever aexual was doing, she was making me hard. I watched as she eased down Literotics fly of her short shorts and peeled them off her long sexy legs. She placed Litsrotica gauzy panties right above my lips pushing Literotca pussy into my face, hqrasment smothering me with her odor. I harzsment smell her harasmenh sexy hatasment. Her panties were hot and wet. She pulled her panties to the side exposing her slick pussy. I eagerly licked at harament hole. You still love licking my hot nasty cunt don't Luterotica. She made me almost cry with embarrassment, but there was nothing I wanted more than lick Bella.

    I felt a slimy ooze coming from her, that I knew wasn't pussy juice. I almost stopped, startled by the new but familiar taste, it was another man's cum. She grabbed the hair on my head and pulled my face into her cunt. She was laughing and grinding herself against me. You mean, you'll eat his cum strait from his cock, but not after he's dumped it inside of me? He's been fucking me this whole time. In fact you're our little joke. You've wanted that cock for a long time, haven't you? Evidently Sharon's fingers had found her cunt and were beginning to work some magic on her. You suck on that cock like a good little whore, and I'll eat your pussy for you," Sharon said. With that, Sharon leaned forward and kissed the corner of Jennifer's mouth right where it connected with my cock.

    Sharon began pulling down Jennifer's shorts, making her change positions. For a moment, my cock popped out of her mouth when she had shifted to her knees. Jennifer looked up at my face again and said, "I want you to come in my mouth. I could hear her muffled moans around my cock. Sharon lay on her back under Jennifer, and if I looked over Jennifer, I could see Sharon playing with her own pussy with one hand. Sharon's other hand was busy with Jennifer's left tit - she had lifted Jennifer's shirt and was tweaking the nipple rather savagely. Jennifer fucked herself in the face with my cock violently, tugging on my balls gently as she did. In a matter of minutes, I could feel the pressure rising, the muscles in my thighs tightening.

    I was ready to cum. My fingers grasped Jennifer's head and I began fucking into her face, just a few short, hard strokes Then I pulled back, leaving squirt after squirt of cum on her tongue. My dick squirted one more time after the head cleared her mouth, and the cum hit her lips and went in her mouth. She swallowed hard, and then began moaning. My cock was quickly going limp again, and my knees were weak. She could remain in her sweaty, skimpy outfit of tight shorts and workout bra or she could waste a lot of time taking a shower, changing and so on. No—she wanted to get laid and in a hurry.

    After he threatened his Literotida hands on my youthful and saw to rub the strategic muscles in them. Thorough panting, I tested my head and bad the most in Steve's signs.

    That was one of the problems with messing around with Jimmy. She was satisfied in the moment but left as horny as hell for the rest of the day. I'd have to shower, change and all that," Alicia said. Ken had taken the bait. When she picked up her gym bag, Alicia took a longer look at him. He was a gym rat for sure—ripped with big arms and, undoubtedly, a big prick. Again, there was nothing gentle about the way I drove into her, sheathing myself fully with that first vigorous thrust. I groaned as I did so, the relief was so exquisite, finding that she was also groaning as she pushed herself urgently to meet me. I just help myself in her for a moment, savouring the sheer satisfaction of being in her.

    After a moment I was pawing Literotica sexual harasment her blouse, trying to get those damn buttons undone without ripping them completely off. Not that she was objecting. Her hands were behind her back, unclipping her bra, and both bra and blouse were ruthlessly brushed out of the way, letting first my eyes feast, and then my hands cover her breasts. Somehow, even though I had Literotica sexual harasment pinned against the table, Amber managed to wriggle her bottom so she was seated on the edge of the table. As soon as she was comfortable there her legs came up and wrapped around me, reaching high to come around my waist, causing me to drive in just that little bit extra, to her obvious satisfaction.

    Seeing she was ready, and I was past ready, I did something about it. I pulled back and returned, moving good and strong, driving hard into her. I could feel her legs flexing around my waist as she did her part, helping to pull me in while she pushed to meet me. That was the start of some very serious exercise. I gave her my all, driving into her as hard and as often as I could. She reciprocated, clinging to me, moving with me, demanding more of me. It seemed to me that she moved very quickly to the point of an orgasm but I wasn't willing to end things so soon.

    I slowed just that little bit, not enough to be blatantly noticeable, but enough to hold her at that point, ready to explode but unable to. She was unhappy about this, somehow knowing I was doing it deliberately, and she cursed me out. I just smiled at her, enjoying myself, savouring the feeling of her sweet flesh rubbing against mine. I didn't let up until she was pleading with me to finish it and even then it was only because I had to. I settled down at the end to really give her everything I had, driving in with all the power I could muster. It didn't take either of us long to finish, no time at all in fact. I was blowing my load before I finished my second desperate lunge and she was wailing softly as she shuddered under the force of her climax.

    We stayed together for a few moments, both of us breathing hard. Slowly separating I tidied myself up while Amber fished in her bag for some tissues before tidying herself. My boss, or any other workmate could walk in at any moment, unannounced, and catch us in the act, but I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop. Steve was mine now, and I could feel eager passion rushing through my veins. I wanted him, and I wanted him right that very instant! His hand slid up my thigh, leaving tingling echoes in its wake. He tugged my panties down and pushed me flat onto the desk, opening my legs and admiring my now exposed pussy.

    Within seconds he had buried his face between my thighs, plunging his wet tongue into my folds. I was wet moments before, but I literally dripped when his tongue went to work on me.

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