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    the Gay Pride Flags - Picture of Amsterdam Gay Pride, Amsterdam

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    Bo snapped the selfie from eight-metres above the crowd, and captured the joyous atmosphere of the occasion Take-off: Amsterdam Gay Pride performer takes fantastic parrade using selfie stick. The young Dutchman launched himself high into the air standing on a flyboard, which is propelled by jets of water Playing dress up: The snapshot perfectly captures the colourful crowd far below him, during the famous festival Colourful: The Netherland Police Units participate in a yearly event that illustrate the inclusion of the Netherlands.

    Gay parade of amesterdam Pictures

    Bo and his father have a flyboarding Pixtures, called Flyboardteam Netherlands, where they give courses in flyboarding and perform at major events. Amsterdam is damn pretty. But then I spotted a woman pointing at her hand. Since the Netherlands have learned about the intersexual community, digesting and learning their culture has been their top priority.

    It was the year-old Bo's third appearance at the annual parade, and is photographic evidence is the best yet Crowd-pleaser: But it was my Saturday afternoon spent on the canals of Amsterdam during pride which left my face etched with a smile for the next two days. Onlookers from the docked boats along the canals, and the people standing, sitting and hanging onto the bridges were perhaps all friendly and happily trying to get the attention of my camera. It seemed that everyone wanted their picture taken. The ProGay foundation, that founded the festival, argued that the term 'Gay' did not sufficiently express the diversity amongst the participants of the Pride.

    For example, Netherlands has the highest ranking in supporting LGBT groups can have the freedom to pursue their desired lifestyles, feel least comfortable with LGBT political leaders.

    And one of my life photos… Seeing our speed according by the Year to Marry floatI was at first sensual to meet singles of American deals. The Netherland Bolster Units peek in a yearly method that illustrate the best of the Brussels.

    Amsterdam is hailed as one of the best places in the world to enjoy the Gay Pride festival 'But it's really difficult to use a selfie stick when on a flyboard. Below are a small selection of my thousands of photos from the canal parade. Bo dressed up in full Navy uniform for the snap, and even took a ship's wheel up with him Share or comment on this article:

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