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    The star, who is rumored to have undergone a transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation where the co are placed through an incision in the armpit to avoid scars on the breast itself has never commented publicly on her enlarged chest, despite having scars present under her arms.

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    Scars are of course a dead giveaway of an augmentation but often can't be avoided. Almost all scars on the body are forever visible. They may not be obvious but you can expect at minimum a pink line for a few months that will change to a white line forever," says New York plastic surgeon David Rappaport, MD. PR Photos; Getty Images The Jackson family is known for their cosmetic procedures, and that includes Janet Jackson, who looks to have had her breasts enlarged. Stevens when looking the her past pictures and her bust size now. Startraks; PR Photos LeAnn Rimes, whose body has been under press scrutiny since her teen stardom, looks to have undergone augmentation.

    I've always been too old for leg warmers coc novelty hair clips. Since turning 30 and having my first baby I have been forced to address these issues and am quite happy to conform. However, one shocking revelation I am not going to accept is the sudden lack of male attention. Surely at 30 I'm still worthy of a couple of toots of a van's horn, the odd anonymous whistle from the bowels of a building site? Yes, I know it's pathetic, shallow as a teaspoon and just a touch vain, but I am proud to proclaim, hand on heaving bosom, that I enjoy the attention of complete strangers.

    I may studiously ignore any wolf whistlers, but you can guarantee as I stride past there will be a slight spring to my step that wasn't there before. And I started eating very well. I was 13 stone at my heaviest during pregnancy. But I started drinking and eating crap again and I put the weight back on. So now I'm trying to be sensible - I need to be well and strong to look after Lola. At my lowest I was seven and a half stone and I'm 5ft 9ins. I didn't have an eating disorder, but I wasn't eating properly. I've given up smoking and I'm trying not to drink every night.

    So was it a lavish, celebrity-packed Beckham-esque bash? There were no men allowed in the kitchen, apart from my gay friend Tariq, and we had loads of butties. They drank together, partied together and even had male strippers in their bedroom. Her father Leonard watched her antics and despaired. He preferred me modelling as he could look at nice pictures of me and show his friends. We weren't a lairy, drunken bunch. It was a big night once a week or, sometimes, if you'd finished recording something you'd have all that adrenalin from working so it was difficult to just wash your make-up off and go to bed.

    They separated in December after a number of rows. I wonder if the fact she'd finally been dumped from the Breakfast Show, six months before her daughter's birth, contributed to their differences. Certainly, she started repackaging herself as something of a domestic goddess, cooking meals for her family, playing board games and reading to her daughter. It was actually quite liberating to be forced to stay in, to behave. But Sara, once so toe-curlingly forthcoming, doesn't want to say. So what about her, oh so happy life, now?

    Breasts Sara cox

    Turns out she wants to keep her mouth shut about that too. I tell her it's breastz that she's grown-up, nice that she's no longer out getting bladdered or bbreasts a nation with the intimate brwasts of her life. I don't know the official figures for binge drinking or if it's a phenomenon the media's jumped on. I don't feel qualified enough to talk about it, but I don't think we can be blamed for influencing a generation. And because of my faith I don't know if I would have sex before marriage. Robert Downey Jr is a Hollywood megastar thanks to the Iron Man film franchise but he started out aged five. A year later his actor father gave him his first marijuana and Downey was set on a path of addiction, arrests, jail sentences and stints in rehab.

    Despite critical acclaim in the Charlie Chaplin biopic he sabotaged his career by using cocaine, heroin and crack to the point where insurers refused to let him be cast in movies.

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