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    Breast Angels claims that its thermography screening is more effective than the mammography pictured used by NHS doctors to detect cancer. We believe Thermography is an amazing tool to help you learn more about your breast health - without the pain and radiation of a Mammogram. Thermography can detect first signs that breast cancer may be forming — up to 10 years earlier than a mammogram or any other procedure. All Thermograms are interpreted by board certified physicians.

    freelxnd How is breast cancer diagnosed? Thermography for Breast Cancer Prevention For more information about Thermography, please view our information below. These patterns are like a thermal fingerprint which will only change if pathology develops. Full Body Useful for diagnosing overall health issues - highly recommended! Once pictures are taken they are then analyzed by a board certified thermologist.

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    The most common use of thermography is for breast health screening. We use state-of-the-art Digital Infrared breast imaging and comprehensive treatment protocols thermographu help women of all ages maintain healthy breasts for long and healthy lives. Fibrocystic Changes The very significant vascular activity in the left breast justified clinical correlation and close monitoring which returned an opinion of fibrocystic changes taking place. Thermography Scans We offer several different types of thermography scans to suit your needs.

    thhermography Known Brrast provide a frfeland comprehensive view of your breast health and breast risk assessment, thermography allows you to be aware of worrisome physiological changes, empowering you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to reduce your risk and, hopefully, avoid a fatal disease altogether. Few doctors are aware that a simple and inexpensive treatment can reverse fibrocystic breast disease. Breast cancer can only be diagnosed by biopsy of breast tissue. The results are sent to doctors in the USA to be assessed.

    Larger text size Very large text size Australian women are being misled by dodgy breast-screening websites promoting screening methods that are not supported by evidence, a study has found. Thermography is entirely safe since the camera is only receiving information from your body and does not itself emit anything.

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